How to Install Play Station Mobile on any Android device


How to Install Play Station Mobile on any Android device - How to Install Play Station Mobile on any Android device

Thanks again to forum users Xda-developers, have managed to successfully install and run the new application of Play Station Mobile officially that is available for only a few certified devices.

If you’re interested in trying if it works on your phone Android before you have to meet some certain requirements that you then had to explain.

Requirements to install Play Station Mobile
We must have an Android handset, smartphone or tablet, which also must be rooted oy with the modified Recovery installed, so it is necessary to have Busybox installed and updated to the latest version.
Files needed
Normally if you have a terminal that is making a cooked from, the Busybox usually already be installed by default, but never hurts to check the application downloading Busybox Installer from the Play Store.

The files required for the correct installation of the Play Station Mobile come to be two, a file. APK and zipped file to install from the recovery changed:

Play Station Mobile 1.0
Once we downloaded both files are copied to the internal memory of the Phone and continue with the installation instructions

Installation Method
The installation method what we will do in two simple steps :

1st step
Let the path where we download the two files, we do this with any file explorer, and run the APK to install on our device, remember that we have the option to allow unknown sources enabled from system settings.

Once installed the Play Station Mobile will not try to run or report an error window like this:

Installation Method

Now we have to perform step two to fix permissions and copy files framework and permissions in the right place in our system, this will do with Flashable zip

2nd step
reboot into Recovery Mode, it is highly recommended to make a nandroid backup or backup our entire system if the installation and flashing of these two files give us any problems, so we will get our Android Phone state such and as we had before flashing the zip process.

Once the nandroid backup to install the zip proceed as follows:

  • Install zip from internal sd card
  • Choose zip from internal sd card
  • Select the zip copied earlier and confirm installation.
  • Reboot System now.
  • These steps above are will done in  ClockworkMod Recovery if your recovery is different steps to take are the same as what type of recovery you have installed.

Important clarifications

Important clarifications

This application is certified for some Phone and tablets Sony as well as the HTC One if you have one of these devices is not necessary to perform this tutorial, just download the APK from Sony’s official website and install it normally.

This method assumes that can run on any Android device, but so far only been tested on Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3.

If you follow the steps exactly as we indicate in the tutorial, you can try on your end to see if it works correctly or not without any risk, for it is Recommended to make the nandroid backup from the recovery.

Source – Xda-developers

Download –  Play Station Mobile 1.0 ,  AndroidPolice_SonyPlayst


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