install Google Camera on Oppo Reno

How to install the Google Camera on Oppo Reno: the GCam is an app that was developed by Google and for a period it could also be found among the applications downloadable from the Google Play Store so that it can be installed on most of devices that they use the operating system with the green robot.

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For more than a year now, however, the Google Camera has become available only for Google Pixel devices. The GCam is a very popular app for Android smartphones that offers various functions such as Night Mode, Portrait, Slow Motion, PhotoSphere, AR Stickers, RAW Image Support, Advanced HDR + Mode, Panorama, Blur, etc.

Also, Google Camera has many advanced settings that you can customize according to your preferences.

Oppo Reno is already shipped from the factory with the Camera2 and HAL3 APIs already enabled by default, so you can easily install the GCam app file on the device without doing the required operations on other devices, such as unlocking the Bootloader.

The Google Camera can be installed on the Oppo Reno like any other third-party application and until you try it on your smartphone you will not be able to appreciate its power level in various aspects.

I, therefore, recommend that you install the Google Camera on the Oppo Reno and take your hand for at least a couple of days, to better understand all its functions and get to notice the clear difference in various areas that there is between the processing of a photo taken with the GCam and a photograph taken instead with the phone’s stock camera app.

In this guide on how to install the Google Camera on Oppo Reno, we will use the most recent and functional apk files of the GCam app, let’s talk about the Google Camera 6.2 and Google Camera 7.0 versions.

But let’s get to the point of this guide on how to install the Google Camera on Oppo Reno. Follow all the steps below to be able to proceed with the installation of the GCam on your Oppo Reno device:

Download the Google Camera apk file to the memory of your Oppo Reno. Choose the download of your favourite version from:

GCam 6.2 for Oppo Reno

GCam 7.0 for Oppo Reno

  • Once you download the apk file download to your phone, you will be asked to install it
  • Press the Install button to proceed with the installation of the GCam on Oppo Reno. If you are installing an apk file for the first time on your smartphone, go to Settings> Security> Enable the Unknown sources option to be able to install applications from sources unknown
  • After that, you can finally proceed with the installation of the Google Camera on the Oppo Reno
  • After the installation of the apk file, open the GCam and enjoy all its functions

We have seen with this guide how to install the Google Camera on Oppo Reno and if you want to take your first pictures with some tips, I recommend setting up the GCam in the following way:

  • Launch the Google Camera app from your Oppo Reno
  • Access the Settings of the app
  • Go to the Advanced item
  • Enable JPEG RAW mode
  • Now go back to the main imports of GCam
  • Set P3 mod
  • Then select Custom Lib to test the lib and set it according to your preferences

With this guide, we have seen how to install the Google Camera on Oppo Reno.  The installation is quite simple the GCam app will be installed as a normal apk format application on your smartphone, you will only have to access it after installation and finally enjoy the photographic quality of your new shots. See you next time.

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