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How To Install Drivers HTC One (M7)

Drivers HTC One (M7)

Pre Requirements :-

Download and unzip HTCDriver_4.0.1.001.exe

Installation Drivers HTC One (M7) :-

  1. Run the file HTCDriver_4.0.1.001.exe
  2. The wait time of the installation.
  3. At the end of the installation, restart your computer.
  4. Well, now you can connect your phone to your computer and take your manipulations. Your mobile will be recognized.

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  1. Hi… Sooo my htc m7 is screwed. For the last like 30 hrs its been turning on and shutting off every 20 or so seconds. I cant do a thing with it. Im not very technical. Ive read so many things and im lost after the second sentence. I bought it used and unlocked. The original carrier was Rogers and Im with Bell. NOt sure if its a proper unlock but ive managed to use it for almost a year. every four hrs it wants me to update it but when I click ok it just does this off and on thing for hrs. this time it never stopped. Im not even sure what to do to upgrade it. this page pops up with so much and when I do try to update it never does the it completely??? im confused and annoyed atm…. How can I get it working? I got to the point I just ignored the update and it was ok until this time. Now no phone and im lost!!! Please help me!!

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