How To Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190


[note color=”#73ff00″]Please Read and understand the Full Gudie before Performing Any Action.[/note] [note color=”#f19e74″]Warning:- Use these instructions at your own risk. We will not be responsible for everything that happens to you or your device, resulting from the use of information in this guide.[/note] Pre Requirements :-

  • – Having Root Access (root Samsung Galaxy S III Mini i8190 )
  • – Download the application Rom Manager

Installation :-

  1. Launch ROM Manager
  2. Select Flashing the ClockworkMod Touch recovery .
  3. Choose Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini in the list of models.
  4. So much for the installation.
  5. To restart in Recovery, launch ROM Manager again and select Reboot Recovery .

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