How To Install Apps on Amazon Fire TV via Sideload

Amazon Fire TV: how to install apps via sideload

Amazon’s Fire TV devices run a fairly customized version of Android, which makes it possible to install applications via side loading.

Despite the integrated Amazon app store, it has a wide range of applications and games, it is still possible to install software not available from the official store if you have the APK file. Here’s how to proceed.

Before getting started, however, it must be remembered that Amazon Fire TV devices are not fully compatible with all Android apps. Many games and apps are meant for use with a touchscreen rather than a remote control.

In addition, Fire TV does not support Google Play Services, which is used by some software for notifications, licenses, and other features.

Finally, some Fire TV models run quite old versions of Android (the latest Fire TV Stick also uses Android 7.1, released since 2016), so applications that require new operating system features may not work properly.

However, this does not prevent you from finding interesting apps that you can install on your device, which can be useful for many reasons.

Amazon Fire TV: how to install apps via side loading

There are some smartphone apps that can copy applications from phone to a Fire TV device, the best option among them is Apps2Fire, available on the Google Play Store.

However, before you can do anything with Apps2Fire, you need to enable ADB debugging on Fire TV, so that the app in question can install applications.

To do this, turn on Fire TV by going to the Settings menu and selecting My Fire TV. You should now see a menu for Developer Options, open it, and set the ADB debugging item to ON.

Opening Apps2Fire, go to the Configuration tab to select the Fire TV device in the WiFi network. If the app cannot find the Fire TV device through the IP address, go to the Settings page on the Amazon device, then My Fire TV, then selecting Information.

Finally scroll down to Network, where you can view the IP address on the right side.

P address on the right side

Once the configuration procedure is complete, you can select an app installed on the phone to copy to Fire TV or choose an APK from the local files of the device.

To select a downloaded APK file, tap the Upload button at the top right, then accessing the relative folder where the APK is located.

The installation process may take some time, depending on the Fire TV model in use and the speed of your home WiFi network.

Once finished, you should be able to see the app installed in Your apps and channels section on the main screen.

Apps2Fire is the most convenient, easiest, and fastest solution for installing apps on your Amazon Fire TV device.

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