How to install Android launcher M KitKat or Lollipop

By | Wednesday, Jun 10 2015 10:31AM

Android launcher M KitKat or Lollipop

Android skin M in KitKat or Lollipop

The first thing you have to do is download the files you need. To do this, we enter the following link and downloaded the following:

  • Clock-AndroidM.apk

You will have seen that page there is also a file called . If you have root and a custom recovery (TWRP type) installed, it is as simple as downloading the document, put it in the memory of our mobile and flash it directly. However, we will explain assuming that we have made ​​root or we will not use it.

The first thing you have to install is Velvet.apk in our Android. This is the launcher, part of him actually carrying Android M. When done, let Google Play and install Google Now Launcher . Both have to be configured to enjoy the new launcher. This done, we will update the camera.

Android M

Although the link you have left before you have the apk application form, it is easier to download the camera app from Google Play this link . Finally, we install the new Play Services but before you do, keep in mind: if you have a phone with 64-bit processor (Snapdragon 615 or 810 for example) do not do as it can go wrong.

Finally, we install other applications We can also leave we already have in Android but if we want to enjoy everything Android M without installing the ROM, touch us do. Incidentally, you can also install the boot animation and for this you have three options:

  • Download the zip file and flash it
  • If you have to use your manager CyanogenMod themes
  • With a file browser that allows root access to copy the .zip file to system / media and give root privileges once you finish