Increase the volume of your smartphone

Of course here we do not talk to increase its volume with the keys, but to use an application that will allow to increase the maximum volume of your smartphone. Here we will talk about Volume Booster an application that does not require root and that will increase the volume of 15 to 30% according to what is marked on its Play Store page.


This application will make the change by accessing the Equalizer Android. Simply download the app and open it and then press Boost and that’s it, you can also manually adjust the settings.


Adjust the sound quality with equalizer

Increase the volume of its smartphone is good, improve the sound quality is better. And that is the purpose of an equalizer. It will allow you to adjust the sound quality according to your wishes and your music preferences.

Viper4Android use on a device ROOT

Having a device ROOT allows many things about Android, it offers many possibilities. And one of these is to improve the audio quality of your smartphone thanks to applications, best known is Viper4Android. 


This application offers a lot of settings and especially the very detailed settings, perfect to adjust the sound according to our desires. For example you can adjust the sound to the speakers and have a different setting for headphones or headset.

The application has a different version for each version of Android to better stick to the basic equalizer. You can download the Play Store, on the official website of Viper  or so on the XDA forum correspondent , remember the application only works if you are ROOT.

Here we hope this tutorial will help.