This guide provides comprehensive instructions on how to import music into the Kodi media library. Turning your favorite music playlists and collections into a manageable library enables you to easily access and listen to them. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to quickly set up your music library with Kodi.
Kodi version 20 Nexus is the latest version of Kodi available at the moment, but the steps outlined here still apply to previous versions such as Kodi 19 Matrix. Furthermore, these steps can be executed on any platform which supports Kodi.
Kodi users now benefit from improved audio format support, making it easier to enjoy their favorite music. Music stored on the device can be sorted by genre, artist, or album for optimal convenience and user experience.

Imports Music to Kodi Library

To add music to your Kodi library, use the following steps:
Kodi users can locate the Music menu on the right side of the Home Screen. To find it, open Kodi and select Music from the main menu, which includes a variety of categories.
You must click on Music.
If the library is empty, a message will be displayed prompting you to enter the Files Section. If items have been imported into the library, then simply click on “Files”.
Enter Files Section

Click on Add music.

Click on Add music.

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If you’d like to add music to your device, simply open the ‘Add Music Source’ window. Click the ‘Browse’ option that is located on the right side of this opened window.

Click Browse
Kodi allows you to open a new window and locate the directory for your music library. While this collection may include multiple subdirectories, all should be placed in the same main directory. This structure will ensure that Kodi automatically registers any subdirectories within it.
find the directory

When you find the directory, click OK.

click OK.
Once this is done, you will be returned to the previous screen, where you must provide a name for the content source. Any name can be entered here; for example, “Music” or another of your choice. Finally, click the OK button to close the window.
The prompt will ask if you want to add the contents from this source to your collection. To view the files in the directory on Kodi, select “Yes.” If there is a large number of files in the directory, please note that there may be a delay before they appear in Kodi.
Click Yes

Now go back to the Kodi music library. You will see the directory you just added.

Access the directory for playback of any file. You will also see the files sorted by genre, album, or artist.


Kodi makes managing and accessing your music files easily. The most recent version of Kodi, as well as any other platform on which Kodi is installed, supports importing music into the library. Additionally, you can also import videos and pictures in to create a single repository for all of your media content. This guide will walk you through the steps to get started.


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