hard reset Xiaomi Watch S1/S1 Active

Here’s how to reset, restore or reset your Xiaomi Watch S1 / S1 Active to its factory setting. Use the steps below to resolve connection issues, slowness, or crashes. The reset is also recommended for those who want to donate or sell the watch, making it return to the configuration when it was turned on for the first time.

Important! When you reset your watch, all data will be erased and you will need to pair it again.


How do reset Xiaomi Watch S1/S1 Active to factory default?

Step 1: From the Xiaomi Watch S1 or S1 Active home screen, press the top side button to access the menu.

Step 1 1

Step 2: Navigate the menu and tap on “Settings” (icon resembling a gear).

Step 2

Step 3: Tap on “System”, you will find this option near the bottom of the list.

Step 3

Step 4: On the next screen, now tap on “Reset”.

Step 4

Step 5: On this screen, you will be asked if you want to erase all data. To reset the clock, tap to confirm.

Step 5

Step 6: The watch will restart and then the factory reset process starts.

Step 6

Step 7: When the language select screen appears, it means you have successfully completed the reset.

Done! Your Xiaomi Watch S1 is now ready for a new pairing.

How to reset Xiaomi Watch S1 and S1 Active?

If your watch got stuck and the touch commands don’t work, follow the instructions below to force restart it.

  • Press the top side button of the watch for approximately 15 seconds.
  • Wait for the watch to initialize and use it normally.

This procedure does not erase any previously made data or settings.


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