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How To Hard Reset Umidigi X

Hard Reset Umidigi X

How to format Umidigi X and return to factory defaults? To do this, just follow all the steps in the tutorial to remove your password and unlock your Umidigi X phone. In a few minutes, you will be using your phone normally.

The procedures of the methods below, in addition to formatting the Umidigi X, also apply to the models of Umidigi F1, One, One Pro, Z2, A3, S2, S2 lite, S2 Pro and One Max cell phones. Now that you have seen that your model is compatible with the tutorial, see the safety instructions you should follow.

Instructions To Hard Reset Umidigi X:

  • First, write down the data of the Google account that is on the phone.
  • Make a backup of your files and check if the phone battery is over 30%.

Attention! do not do the hard reset if you do not know your cell phone account data. If the device will be blocked if you do not remember your account password or email.

Hard Reset Umidigi X

See how to format Umidigi X with the steps below and if you can’t, try the other methods.

Method 1: F1, One, One Pro, Z2, A3

1 – Turn off the phone, press and hold the VOL + key and the Power button at the same time and release them as soon as you enter the “Boot Mode” menu.

2 – Here in this small menu, use VOL + to select the option “ Recovery Mode ” and then press VOL- to confirm. On the screen with the android robot, press and hold the Power button and click on the VOL +.

3 – In this other screen, press the VOL- until the option “ Wipe data/factory reset ” is highlighted and press the Power to confirm. Then select “ Yes ” and confirm again with Power.

4 – Wait for the reset to finish and then select and confirm in the option “ Reboot system now ” for the phone to restart.

Now everything will be paid for and when the phone restarts on the welcome screen, just follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Android setup.

Method 2: Umidigi F1, One, One Pro, Z2, A3, and One Max

  1. With the device turned off, simultaneously press the VOL- button and the On / Off button.
  2. When the ” Umidigi ” logo appears (it may take several seconds), release only the On / Off button and continue holding the VOL- key and do not release until you see the ” Factory Mode ” menu.
  3. Then use the VOL- button to select the “ Clear eMMC ” option and press the On / Off button to confirm.
  4. The phone will restart and the message “Formatting/data ” will appear. Wait for the process to finish and then configure your Umidigi X to taste.

Method 3: S2, S2 lite, S2 Pro

1 – Still with the cellphone off, hold and hold the Volume Up key together with the Power (both at the same time).

2 – And as soon as the “ Mobile phone logo ” appears on the screen, just release the Power button and continue holding the VOL + until the android robot appears.

3 – To exit this screen, press and hold the Power and then tap the Volume Up button. On the Android Recovery screen, navigate with the VOL- button to the option “ Wipe data/factory reset ” and to confirm press Power.

4 – On the next screen, select the option “ Yes – delete all user data ” and confirm with Power. Finally, select the option “ Reboot system now ” and confirm to restart the phone. But a method successfully executed.

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