How To Flash,Unroot, Unbrick LG G4 With Stock Kdz

Hi In this guide, we are going to talk about LG g4. I will show you here how to use firmware restores in case you brick it and if you want to unroot your LG g4.

let’s go do this. The first thing you need to do on your LG g4 is go into the setting. general. about the phone. you need to find out what your device so goes into the software and know your software version. this is your key, and identify your phone.

The reason we need all of this information is to find the right kdz file for our specific Lg G4. Also, you have to know about the model number. In my case, it is Lg H815. And that is my Lg G4 Model number.

Pre Requirements To Flash LG G4:-
Download Lg G4 drivers and install them.

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The next thing to do is find out the kdz for your Lg g4. so it’s easy to go here and write down your IMEI. I recommend you place your model number in the search bar, look for your firmware and download it.

Download – 3.1 Mb

Extract the Now click on LG_Flash_Tool_2014.exe. go ahead and open it up. now we have to put our LG g4 in download mode first. to do so, power down your device..wait for your device completely power off.

Then hold the volume, keep holding it and plug in your device to the computer. when your device shows the USB logo, you are in download mode.

lg g4 download mode

now on the LG flash tool, select the kdz file.


Now the next is the tricky part. If you want to save your app data and more things, then select normal Flash. And the CSE Flash will wipe all your device data, so make your choice.

on the next screen, click on the start button


and wait on the next screen just hit the ok.


make sure you do not unplug the cable and do not touch anything. Let this procedure go, and it may take up to 10 minutes. once it is done, it should reboot your device automatically. and when you Lg G4, turn it on like brand new.

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