How To Flash Stock Rom QPST 2.7.422 With QFIL

This tutorial shows how to flash firmware using QPST Flash Tool. Qualcomm-powered devices are highly customized. They usually beat competitors (aka the likes of MediaTek, and Exynos among others). From bootloader unlocking to flashing custom binaries, it’s tops. This means you can flash custom ROMs, install TWRP, and root your device.

After that, you can flash many mods. All these processes carry risks. If done wrong, your device could boot loop or soft-brick. For Qualcomm devices, there’s a workaround. Using the QPST Flash Tool, you can easily flash stock firmware on your device. This guide explains how. Instructions follow.

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How to Flash Firmware using QPST Flash Tool

Use the Qualcomm Product Support Tool to unbrick and update your device. This is helpful if the OTA update hasn’t arrived. This tool has other useful features, too. QPST Configuration can create and restore device backups and monitor device status.

Programming Data can also be saved. Its ability to directly load stock firmware is the icing on the cake. Overall, it’s a one-stop flashing tool. Now, let’s flash the firmware using the QPST Flash Tool. Continue.


You need to get the Qualcomm USB Driver onto your computer. If Qualcomm Drivers are already present on the computer, you can skip this step.

Download and install QPST Tool on your Computer. Once QPST Tool is installed on the computer, Go to C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\QPST\bin\ folder. There, you will be able to see the following files:

At this point, you should use the USB cable to connect your Qualcomm Device to the computer.

Now, Open QPST Config:

Once QPST Configuration is Launched, Click on the Port Menu.

Now, select Software Download by going to the Starts Clients menu and clicking on it.

Now, You will be able to see the QPST Software Download Dialog Box.

Now, locate the Firmware (.hex) on your computer that you want to flash on your Qualcomm device by clicking the Phone Image Browse button (assuming you have already downloaded the firmware on the computer).

Now locate the BOOT LOADER.HEX file by clicking the Browse button under the Boot Image (which comes with the firmware).

Now, Click on the Start Button to begin the Flashing process.

You will be able to recognize the end of Flashing by the presence of the green bar once it has been finished.

Now, Disconnect your Qualcomm device from the computer and Restart it.

Congratulations! You just completed the steps necessary to Flash or Install Stock Firmware on Qualcomm Devices using the QPST Tool.


Flash image loader is one of the essential tools for flashing the stock ROM on your device; in the meantime, here today, we are going to share some knowledge to assist you with a Qualcomm Flash Image Loader, which is also referred to as QFIL Tool. On the other hand, it enables you to flash the original firmware that came pre-installed on your Qualcomm device.


You will need to wipe everything off of your device and perform a factory reset before flashing or installing the QFIL Tool.

This step was necessary for the past. Before proceeding with the installation or flashing of the Qualcomm Flash Image loader on your device, ensure that you have created a full backup of your device first.

How to use Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)

Get the Qualcomm USB Driver on your computer by downloading and installing it. If Qualcomm Drivers are already installed on the computer, then you can skip this step. Otherwise, continue on to the next one.

The Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) can be obtained on the computer by downloading and extracting its files. The following files will be visible to you once the archive has been extracted:

Open QFIL.exe:

Put your mobile device to sleep by turning it off or powering it down.

After turning off your device, hold down the volume-up key while connecting it to the computer with a USB cable.

Click on Browse Button and locate the Firmware (.mbn).

Click on the Download button to begin the Flashing Process:

The flashing process could take anywhere from five to ten minutes to finish.

When the process of Flashing is finished, your device will automatically restart itself.

Congratulations! Now detach the device from the computer and make all necessary configurations on the device itself before using it.

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