Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Firmware

The specific Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Stock Firmware Download Package comes with a Stock ROM of Huawei GR3 TAG-L21. This helps you to bypass FRP lock and revert form root and custom ROM.

How To Flash Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Stock Firmware File

There are various reasons to flash “Stock Firmware on Huawei GR3 TAG-L21”. For example, your phone will be stuck or hang on the logo. You want to remove the FRP lock from it.

If you’re going to hard reset your phone and you cannot access the recovery menu. But most of the problems that cause flashing stock ROM are below.

The Benefit Of Stock Firmware:

  • Flash Stock ROM to unbrick your Huawei GR3 TAG-L21
  • Update and downgrade
  • Unroot or fix bugs on the phone
  • To solve the lag or stutter
  • By flashing Stock ROM, you can fix software issues.
  • Revert to stock to get your warranty
  • Keeps rebooting issue
  • if your phone boots straight into recovery
  • Phone boots straight into its bootloader

Pre-requirements to Install Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Stock ROM:

  • Supported Phone: Huawei GR3 TAG-L21
  • Charge your mobile: You may no less than a half charge.
  • Laptop or PC: To execute this installation, you must use a PC or Laptop.

1. Take Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Full Backup

Before going to install Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 stock ROM you need to take a backup of all your messages, photos, and apps from your smartphone.

Most smartphones automatically make a backup in the background. But to make sure you take everything to your new device, you need a full backup.

How To Backup Android Phone Before Flashing Stock Firmware

2. Download Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Flash Tool And Drivers:

A.  Download and install Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Drivers. The necessary communication between your device and PC.

These drivers are mainly for the devices powered by LG. With these drivers, you can transfer files, flash the firmware files on the device, etc.

B. We use the Huawei Smartphone Multi Download Software for as Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Flash Tool because of this tool is very efficient and support all kind of LG phones.

Instructions to Flash Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Stock ROM:

1: Extract the Huawei Smartphone Multi Download Software on your computer.

2: Now, Download and install the Handset ProductLine DriverHandset DriverQualcomm Driver, and Visual C Plus Software on your Computer. Alternatively, you can also find the link of all 4 Drivers in the Tool folder aswell.

3: Now, Open QPBLFBML01.exe to Launch the Huawei Multi Download Tool.

4: Once, Huawei Multi Download Software is launched, you will be able to see the following screen.

Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L22 Stock ROM

5: Now, Click on the Browse Button.

6: Now, it will ask you to set up the password. Just Leave the Password column blank and click on the Set Button.

7: Now, Locate the .xml file from the Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Stock firmware’ folder.

8: Now, Click on the Next Button.

9: Connect your Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Device to the Computer (make sure your device is in fastboot mode or download mode).

10: Click on the Scan and Download Button to begin the “Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Stock firmware” Flashing Process.

Once the Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Stock ROM Flashing process is completed, disconnect your device from the Computer and restart it.


  • Please read and understand the Full Guide before flashing “Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 Firmware”.
  • Use these instructions at your own risk. We will not be responsible for everything that happens to your device, resulting from the use of information in this guide.
  • Before flashing, Stock ROM on Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 must have a 70–80% charge.


HUAWEI_GR3_Firmware_TAG-L21_Android 5.1_EMUI

Dated Uploaded: 19/11/2019  Filesize: 1.63 GB


Dated Uploaded: 24/10/2019  Filesize: 2.24 GB

Huawei GR3 TAG-L21_C479B132_Firmware_Russian Federation_Central Asia & Caucasia_Nonspecific_Nonspecific_Android 5.1_EMUI 3.1 [].zip

Dated Uploaded: 09/11/2018  Filesize: 3.22 GB

Huawei GR3 TAG-L21C328B136 Firmware Android 5.1 EMUI 3.1 05014JMT

Dated Uploaded: 21/06/2018  Filesize: 3.17 GB

Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 C328B136 Firmware Android 5.1 EMUI 3.1 05014JMT

Dated Uploaded: 13/06/2018  Filesize: 3.17 GB

Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 C479B132 Firmware Russian Federation Central Asia & Caucasia Nonspecific Nonspecific Android 5.1 EMUI 3.1

Dated Uploaded: 11/06/2018  Filesize: 3.22 GB

Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 C440B142 Firmware Android 5.1 EMUI 3.1 05021XSP

Dated Uploaded: 10/06/2018  Filesize: 3.42 GB

Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 C440B141 Firmware Portugal Spain Netherlands Germany Switzerland Nonspecific Android 5.1 EMUI 3.1 05021XSP

Dated Uploaded: 10/06/2018  Filesize: 3.37 GB

Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 C699B104 Firmware Poland Nonspecific Android Lollipop (5.1) EMUI 3.1 Lite 05022ALF

Dated Uploaded: 10/06/2018  Filesize: 3.35 GB

Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 C440B139 Firmware West European Nonspecific Android 5.1 EMUI 3.1 05021XSP

Dated Uploaded: 10/06/2018  Filesize: 3.37 GB

Repair Factory – Huawei GR3 TAG-L21 C328B128 Firmware Middle East Africa Android 5.1 EMUI 3.1 Board Software Unbrick.rar

Dated Uploaded: 17/05/2018  Filesize: 3.48 GB

Dated Uploaded: 28/09/2017  Filesize: 1.57 GB

HUAWEI_GR3_Firmware_TAG-L21_Android 5.1_EMUI

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