You are not alone if you are having problems with your Oculus Quest 2 Guardian not responding properly to commands. This problem can be extremely aggravating, especially if you are in the midst of an activity that requires virtual reality. In this tutorial, we will take you to step by step through a number of different solutions to the issue at hand so that you can resume your immersive VR experience.

In this tutorial, we will have shown a few different approaches to solving the problem of the Oculus Quest 2 Guardian not responding properly. When it comes to virtual reality headsets, the product that Facebook (which it has since acquired) offers are, beyond a reasonable doubt, the most effective option available in this market.

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One of the primary reasons for this is that it possesses a plethora of interesting features, one of which is called Guardian. This feature enables users to create boundaries in virtual reality that come into view when they get too close to the edge of their play area.

However, this feature is currently giving many people trouble. Many users have expressed concern over Guardian’s non-response to Oculus Quest 2.

The error message “ is not responding” is what they encounter whenever they attempt to use this feature.

However, this problem is also causing sporadic screen freezes and crashes. This guide will assist you in fixing them if you are bothered by these problems as well. Continue on.

Fix Oculus Quest 2 Guardian not responding

It is advised that you try each of the below-mentioned workarounds before deciding which one is the most effective. So let’s begin keeping that in mind.

FIX 1: Factory Reset

Although this is the simpler of the two fixes, the VR will be reset and all the data will be lost. In that case, make a backup of all the data and follow the instructions below to perform the reset:

Recommended: This guide includes two methods to factory reset Oculus Quest 2. This includes methods with mobile phones and without mobile phones.

  • Open the Oculus app, select Devices from the list, and then pick your headset.
  • After that, select Factory Reset > Reset from the Advanced Settings menu.

Factory Reset

After that, click Pair New Headset and follow the on-screen directions to set up your headset.

Reference Image

FIX 2: Update Oculus Quest 2 to v50 via Sideload

After manually updating their VR to the most recent firmware version 50, many users were able to resolve this problem. Even though this process won’t delete any data, making a backup first is still advised. Once that is finished, please refer to our guide on Oculus Quest 2: Firmware Download and Installation via ADB Sideload.

Update Oculus Quest 2 to v50 via Sideload


We hope that this guide helped you fix the problem where your Oculus Quest 2 Guardian wasn’t working. By doing these things, you should be able to get back to your virtual reality experience without any more problems. Remember to always check your Guardian’s settings and to re-calibrate it often to stop problems like this from happening again.

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