How To Fix Mi Band 4 Problems With Android 10

Fix Mi Band 4 Problem
Have you noticed any inconvenience in your Mi Band 4? Then watch out because, if the mistake we are going to present, we have the solution to the problem.And this last week several users of the My Band 4 have reported some errors with notifications on their Android 10 mobiles Chance? Of course not, so stay with us that we explain the problem and the solution.

Although the error is known, neither Google nor Xiaomi has worked hard to find a solution. However, the Chinese giant has published a series of steps to solve this problem, of course, if you have a mobile phone with MIUI 11.

How to fix the errors of the Mi Band 4 with Android 10?

Before telling you the solution, you must really know what the problem is. Identifying it will help you know if it is really this mistake that your Mi Band 4 has and not another. So, what is the problem? Well, the Mi Band 4 is not making app notifications or vibrating.

In addition, this error is not only affecting the Mi Band 4, but some users have also notified that their phones with Android 10 they are presenting the same drawbacks with the Mi Band 3.

This problem with notifications is affecting applications like WhatsApp, SMS, WeChat, and other Messaging apps because even if the messages arrive on your mobile, the smart band is not announcing that a message has arrived.

So, What are the steps to follow to fix this problem? Simple first you must have your Xiaomi phone with MIUI 11. Once you have your mobile phone at hand you should:

  • Go to Setting.
  • Press on the search button.
  • To write “Notifications“.
  • Select the option “Right to use Notifications“.
  • Click on the box that says “My Sports App“.
  • Grant the permissions to the “My Sports App” app.

Once this is done, the problem should be solved. Yes, it’s that simple. As you see, This solution was the one that Xiaomi gave for its users with Android 10.

However, if you present this error from mobile with Android 10 but from another manufacturer, we invite you to try this solution. In addition, we would love you to leave us a comment telling us if it worked for you or not.

How to enable notifications on Mi Band
from Gmail, Viber, Whatsapp, and VK applications?

As you already know, Mi Band works in conjunction with the Mi Fit app, so all the settings you make here will affect the bracelet.

Therefore, to begin with, make sure that the latest version of the Mi Fit application is installed on your phone and, if necessary, update it from Google Play.

Download Mi Fit

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After installation, go to Android settings, and in the search menu write “Notifications” and select “Access to notifications”. Activate access for Mi FitWhy is everything so difficult? Why Xiaomi did not make it possible to receive notifications immediately from all applications?

The thing is that if the fitness bracelet will receive notifications indiscriminately, then the charge on the Mi Band will melt before our eyes. So this is intended to save battery power.


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