If your MacBook is warming up and lowering the temperature is obtained only by turning off the laptop itself, or by removing tasks, then this is what needs to be done …

1572967730 What to do if Macbook Pro is warming up


Why is the MacBook Pro warming up?

There can be many reasons why the poppy is warming and making noise – from the banal high load of the laptop to problems in the operating system and the need for cleaning.

But as a rule, the problem does not come alone and the high temperature of the Macbook, a combination of reasons. Therefore, we will do everything sequentially!

STEP 0. What is your laptop worth?

Turn your laptop over right now, you will see that there are ventilation slots on the sides below, if you close them, the laptop will heat up. Therefore, do not be surprised that the MacBook slows down when you work behind it by placing it on a soft surface, such as a blanket. All you need to do is install the Mac on a hard surface that will not block the ventilation openings of the laptop, or buy a special stand.

STEP 1. Install Mac Fans Control

It is not sad to admit, but macOS is poorly able to regulate the operation of fans and adjust the temperature of the laptop accordingly.

To fix this, we recommend installing the program on your MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, and just Macbook Macs Fan Control.

This program can adjust the operation of the fans independently, or indicate an increase in the speed of blowing, based on the temperature increase of one of the components of the laptop.

Step 2. Reset SMC

Apple computers, including Macbooks, have a special chip called SMC. Sometimes it is precisely because of it that problems arise with the operation of various sensors, modules, sensors, as well as laptop fans. Therefore, if you notice any deviations in the Mac, then reset the SMC:

  1. Shut down and turn off your Mac, plug in your laptop
  2. Pinch buttons Shift + Control + Option and hold them + press the power button. Release the power button after pressing, and the remaining three, hold for another 15 seconds.

SMC data reset for your Macbook!

Step 3. Cleaning the MacBook

If you have been using a MacBook for more than 3 years, then it is time to clean it from dust, and if during work you smoke near a laptop, then cleaning should be done once a year and a half! It is highly recommended not to do this at home, even using the manuals from Youtube. Take it to a good specialized center, let the professionals do it.

Step 4. Updating macOS

Very rarely, but sometimes installing more recent macOS updates solves the problem of heating your MacBook. Therefore, I wish you can try to upgrade, and suddenly it will help.