How to fix if the app has been blocked for security purposes on Windows

In this tutorial we will teach you how to fix the error the app has been blocked for protection purposes on Windows 10, so you can run the downloaded program without any restrictions. Make sure that the site where you downloaded the program or application is reliable since, if not, it could really be a virus.

User protections in Windows 10 are quite aggressive, it can also be a good thing because it serves to protect inexperienced people from malicious software. Occasionally, however, he is too aggressive and hampers daily work.

The mistake is quite curious. The title bar of the pop-up window is part of the “User Account Control”, but it also appears if you set the user account control settings to a minimum or disable them.

The warning text in the window that appears is usually this “The app has been blocked for security purposes on Windows” and the text of the warning message is “Running the app blocked by the administrator. For more information, contact the administrator. ”

Even if you run the app with administrative rights, you will get exactly the same error. This problem occurs when the application has been digitally signed with a revoked or unreliable certificate.

Here is a quick guide on how to get around this in Windows 10.

How to fix the error the app has been blocked for security purposes on Windows 10

To allow the file in question to run, you need to access the local group policy editor. We can do this by following the steps below.

Step 1:

  • Open the Local Group Policy Editor.

Press Win + R to display the Run dialog, then type gpedit.msc and press Enter

Step 2:

  • in the left pane of the Local Group Policy Editor, go to Computer Configuration> Windows Settings> Security Settings> Local Policies> Security Options.

In the right pane, double-click User Account Control: Run all administrators in Administrator Approval mode.

Step 3:

  • change the security settings to Disabled and click OK.

When finished, close the Local Group Policy Editor.


there Changing the above policy also automatically disables user account control.

Subsequently, to apply the changes we will have to restart the computer and finally, you will be able to open the program without being blocked by Windows with the message “This application has been blocked to protect you”.

If you are not an expert user, we do not recommend using this trick, but if you come across some legitimate but incorrectly signed drivers (and not to wait for the manufacturer to sign them correctly for Windows 10), then this solution is a real lifesaver.

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