Fix Fastboot Error on Motorola

How to resolve Fastboot error on Motorola? When you turn on the phone does it open on the fastboot screen? If this is happening, see in this tutorial how to solve this problem.

This type of error can appear on Motorola cell phones due to Android corruption caused by a bug or virus. Another factor that can also cause this fastboot error is the installation of a non-original “rom” on the phone.


This also happens with some users who have “rooted” to have full control and thus execute, modify or remove Android files. If any essential file for OS operation was deleted, the device will be entering this screen whenever it is activated.

Files to download to your computer :

Before starting the procedure, we will have to download 02 files on the PC to repair the device. Below I place the links of the items needed to continue with the steps of our tutorial.

Resolving Fastboot Error on Motorola

1 – In order for the cell phone to be recognized by Windows, first install Motorola Drives on your PC.

2 – Connect your Motorola mobile phone to the PC using the original USB cable. Wait for the device to be recognized by the operating system. Book and proceed to the next steps.

3 – Then extract the files from the zipped folder “ Adb and Fastboot ”. To extract correctly, right-click on the folder and select “ Extract to Adb and Fastboot ”.

4 – Then open this folder where you will see the 05 extracted files. Now hold the “ Shift ” key on your keyboard, click the right mouse button and select the option “ Open command window here ”.

5 – In the black window of the CMD, copy here this command “ fastboot oem fb_clear ” and paste it in the same field shown in the image. Then press “ Enter ” to execute this command.

window of the CMD

6 – In the same CMD window on the line below, copy this command “ fastboot reboot ” and do the same process as before. This will automatically restart your Motorola phone.

fastboot reboot

Unplug the device from the USB cable and see if it resolved the issue. If the device re-enters the fastboot screen, perform the steps again.