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How To Fix Apple Magic Keyboard Not Charging Issue

Apple Magic Keyboard Not Connecting to Windows 10,11

Until 2015, Mac users had to rely on third-party tools when typing and making documents compatible with other computers. Apple eventually launched a new Magic Keyboard product, designed to improve user comfort. At the same time, it also introduced similar products—such as the Magic Mouse—at an event showcasing all three items together.


The Magic Keyboard is an innovation that addresses many concerns of Apple users. Not only does it have reliable connectivity and proper battery storage, but also has a rechargeable function. Apple’s dominance in the market was short-lived: starting in 2015, a new issue arose for Apple users—their keyboards weren’t charging. Let’s figure out how to fix it!

Fix: Apple Magic Keyboard Not Charging Issue

The Magic Keyboard is made with high-quality materials and requires more attention than other keyboards. However, it lasts longer between charges on average—up to a month or longer depending on how much you use the keyboard. Some users are impressed by its large battery, but when they try to recharge it they experience problems. The keyboard isn’t charging because of a defective charging cable, dust in the charging port, or another issue altogether.

Here is a list of instructions to help you fix your Magic Keyboard.

Ensure to use a working charging cable.

To start with, make sure that you are using a working charging cable to plug in the keyboard. If you use a faulty charging cable, your keyboard will not set and you may assume that there is something wrong with it.

So check whether the charger cable is working correctly and, if it hasn’t been fixed, determine what might be causing this.

Clean your Charging Ports

You should check whether you have used the correct cable and if it is in good condition. The keyboard will not charge if the charging ports are dirty, as a result of which no current can flow through the cable. Because of this, you should examine the charger’s port. We recommend that you clean it regularly and make sure it’s properly functioning before charging a device.

Restart your Mac

One last step before you can use the Apple Magic keyboard is to restart your computer. Because of a long period of usage, the system has slowed down: when we plug in our keyboard it cannot handle the extra load and so performs inappropriately.

Similarly, if Apple users experience a problem with their keyboard not charging, they can restart their Mac through the Apple Menu.

If you have a problem with your magic keyboard not charging, do the above steps immediately. This will help you instantly, as different approaches to the problem have been discussed. If you apply these fixes I hope they will satisfy and resolve your concerns.

If the issue persists, contact Apple support. If you have any questions about this article or its subject matter, please leave them in the comments section below.

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