How to Factory Reset Kodi with Indigo – Guide

Factory Reset Kodi with Indigo

Have you ever experienced Kodi running slowly or freezing up? If so, it may be time to factory reset your Kodi setup. Factory resetting can help resolve many common issues that users experience with their Kodi system. In this blog post, we’ll go over what a factory reset is and how to do one on your device.

A factory reset is a process in which all settings are restored back to their original state when the device was first installed. This means that any customizations you make will be removed and replaced with default values from the manufacturer’s software package. It also removes any third-party add-ons or repositories installed after installation and any changes made to core configuration files.

Now let’s move on to how exactly you can perform a factory reset on Kodi with Indigo:

Note: As Kodi users, we recommend the use of a VPN  to have full access to all addons, including torrents.

Factory Reset Kodi 17 Krypton

The steps to perform the factory reset are as follows:

Remember that to follow this tutorial you must have installed the Indigo addon and backup your Kodi data.

Launch Kodi and go to Indigo Add-on. and select Factory Restore.

Indigo Add-on

Factory Restore

Confirm that all content will be deleted, by selecting Yes.

[quads id=2]

You will see a message if after leaving the factory settings we want to keep Indigo installed, in this case, we put No. It will start working, we wait for the following message.

Now a message appears, it has been cleaned up and we just have to restart Kodi, select OK, and restart

Once Kodi has been restarted, you can now see that it has been left with the factory settings. which means that all of the user’s preferences and settings have been reset to the default settings

Ready! In this tutorial, we learn factory settings in Kodi with Indigo correctly.

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