How to extend the WiFi signal


Sometimes extend the WiFi signal, it may be the only solution to obtain the Internet connection even in rooms where it does not arrive. Of course, modern modems are increasingly powerful and offer much greater coverage than in the past, but they still do not work miracles.

Often it is precisely the structure of the house or the place where they are placed that decrees a better or worse signal.

However, if you have no alternatives to their positioning, there is only one way to go. Extending the WiFi signal allows you to overcome obstacles using specifically designed accessories.

With today’s guide, therefore, we will see what methods you have available to greatly improve your connection. Needless to say, even though cheap products are inviting, as prices go up, the performance also inevitably rises. Try never to forget this detail.

Extend the WiFi network: Range Extender or Powerline?

If you are going to buy an accessory to extend the WiFi network, there are many on the market today. Their uses are different and dedicated to different scenarios, where one of the other alternatives may not work properly.

Always keep in mind that, to choose the most suitable model for you, you must also consider the type of connection you are using. With a normal ADSL, beyond the quality of the product, it is not necessary to buy a particularly expensive product.

On the contrary, if you use the optic fiber, this detail could make the difference. Especially with that from 1 Gbps Bandwidth loss could be important if you choose cheap products. Although you are free to buy the accessory you prefer, we would like to clarify our advice.

Before leaving you to the complete description of the devices, take a look at the video that we have dedicated to a practical example of how to extend the Wi-Fi signal in a multi-story house.

Range Extender

The Range Extender is the first product that comes to mind when deciding to extend a WiFI network.

Although their construction is quite complicated, it is an antenna that bounces the signal coming from your modem, effectively transferring the connection to adjacent rooms, where the signal would normally not arrive.

The simpler models use a signal 2.4 GHz, the basis for this technology, ensuring good but not optimal performance. For some time now, however, these accessories have also evolved and some more expensive models also implement the most modern 5 GHz.

In this case, the performance will be much better and will allow you to make the most of your connection in optic fiber.

For their configuration, simply connect a laptop or smartphone or laptop to the new WiFi network created and then connect the Range Extender directly to your modem that you use regularly.

Nothing complicated here and the manufacturers are very attentive to the configuration procedures, carefully explaining them in the instructions. In most cases, an application will be available to guide you step by step in the configuration process.

Most Popular Range Extenders

Guide to the best Range Extenders


Another alternative to extend the WiFi network simply and effectively is represented by Powerline. Less widespread than the range extenders, they allow overcoming some problems that are intrinsic in their characteristics.

In this case, it is exploited by the electrical system of your home to extend the signal. Just put one of the two powerlines attached to the socket and connect its twin in the same way to another room and you’re done.

The conditions of your electrical system will play a fundamental role in this challenge.

Although it is a relatively recent technology, it has already been significantly improved and allows now stable and fast connections. Their cost is not very high and you will not need special knowledge of their functioning.

Always remember that in the first module you attach, you will have to enter the ethernet cable to get the internet signal.

Complete WiFi systems

Released only recently, the complete systems to extend the WiFi network take advantage of a whole new technology. They are composed of a router and from a “satellite” to be used in pairs. Their price is higher than the competitors but it guarantees one unprecedented signal strength and WiFi network extension.

They are simple to install, self-synchronize, and are also suitable for larger houses. For example, there are some of these systems that manage to cover environments up to 450 Sqm Their method of transmission is then Tri-band and ensures a buffering and lag-free user experience.

Google also recently presented its flagship model and more and more manufacturers have launched themselves into this new sector of the market.

If you have a modern fiber connection and are looking for the best existing method to extend the WiFI network, this is the right solution for your use.

Yes, a small investment, but we assure you that you will not regret it. The icing on the cake, you can connect more than one “satellite” to the system to extend the WiFi network, to cover even larger rooms.

What if the problem was the router?

Most often, a broken WiFi network can depend on the router. As we said at the beginning, those “offered” by the telephone companies were, until recently, of low quality. If you still have the packaging you can check its characteristics on the back.

In case you find the acronym N, it means that you have a single band modem, probably not very fast. This feature can slow down your browsing speed a lot, even if you have a fiber connection.

The best WiFi Routers to buy you have to buy a WiFi router but you are not sure which one to buy? Here is our buying guide to help you choose, with lots of tips.

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Extend the WiFi network for short periods

If you don’t want to spend a lot and need to expand the WiFi network only for short periods, some solutions can be really useful. Most of the electronic devices we use to allow you to create a hotspot in the home network and being able to navigate even in remote corners.

All right, now you’ve learned how to extend the WiFi network and nothing can stop you anymore! You will be able to navigate from any corner of your home without any particular problems.

The choices we have proposed are very different from each other. Analyze them carefully and choose the one that best suits your needs. Needless to say, a Tri-band WiFi system would most likely be wasted on a normal ADSL connection.