Chromes QR Code Sharing Feature


Sharing a web page using a QR code is nothing new since it was already available in the unstable version of Chrome, however, with the new version 84 of Chrome and after completing the tutorial that we propose below, you can now activate this function in the stable version of Chrome on your phone.

What does Chrome and QR codes offer?

This new change allows you to share the address of a web page without resorting to the Internet or messaging applications. What it will do is expand the phone’s share menu with a new QR function. If we press it, a QR code will be generated that we can scan from another phone to access that website. To force the activation of this function on your Android phone, just follow the next tutorial.

How to activate QR codes in Chrome and use them?

The time required:  1 minute.

With the steps indicated below, you can add Chrome QR codes to the share menu. It will also allow you to disable them.

  1. We open the secret menu of Chrome.

    We write “chrome: // flags” in the Chrome address bar on our phone and hit search.

  2. We look for the necessary boxes.

    There are two boxes that we will have to change. You can use the search engine that appears at the top to find them. Their names are “Chrome Sharing Hub” and “Chrome Share QRCodes”.

  3. We activate the boxes.

    For both searches, click on “Default” and change it to “Enabled”. If instead, you want to hide this menu, you just have to put it back to “Default”.

  4. We restart the browser.

    When making a change, a notice will appear at the bottom of the screen that, until we restart the browser, our changes will not take effect. When we have changed everything necessary, click on the reset button to restart the browser.

  5. We share a link.

    We go to the web page whose link we want to share and press the share button from the side menu normally. If we have activated the QR function, the menu will now have more functions. Press the QR icon to generate the QR code.

  6. Ready.

    If you’ve done all the steps correctly, a new window will appear with a QR code and dino, the Chrome dinosaur, in the center. If we want to scan a QR code from someone else we will find at the top the way to do it.