How To Enable Navigation Gestures in EMUI 10

In this tutorial, we will show you how to change your smartphone’s system navigation to Gestures on EMUI 10. How to activate navigation gestures on EMUI 10 Let’s go to Settings.

How To Enable Navigation Gestures in EMUI 10

By default, Huawei smartphones come with virtual navigation keys that help the user to navigate the EMUI software system, but if they like new things and want to enjoy the screen in its entirety, they can change the navigation to “Gestures”.

Table of Contents

How To Enable Navigation Gestures in EMUI 10

  1. Let’s go to Settings.
  2. System updates
  3. System navigation and select Gestures.

It’s already

You can return to navigation with three keys by selecting this option.

Using Gesture Navigation

Back – Swipe in from the left or right margins to return to the previous screen.

Return to the home screen – Swipe from bottom to top to go to the home screen.

View recent tasks – Swipe up at the bottom of the screen and hold to view recent tasks.

Close an application – on the recent tasks screen, swipe up on an application to close it.

Access in-app menus – in applicable third-party apps, swipe in from the left or right edge, near the top of the screen.

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