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How to easily create Alexa skills With Blueprints

create Alexa skills with Blueprints

Alexa has become one of the most widely used voice assistants. It allows you to do all kinds of things and makes your life easier with all the help that skills can give you. But … did you know that now you can create your own applications for Alexa?

Before it was very difficult to create them and that’s why you could only install those developed by others, in fact, in your day we explained how to add applications to Alexa. Without them, this voice assistant would be basic and now you can develop them according to your needs.

Create your own skills for Alexa, it’s easy!

Amazon has created the Blueprints tool that allows anyone to develop their applications with great ease. It’s so easy to create them that you always want to do more. But keep in mind that these applications are not as complex as the professional ones that you can install from the Amazon website.

How to create skills for Alexa in Blueprints?

Follow these steps to create your voice applications.

  • Open the Blueprints tool (from your computer or your smartphone).
  • Go to the section of all the skills you can develop (you only have to go down to locate them).
  • Read the utilities that each one has.
  • Select the application you want to create.

Select the application you want to create

  • Read the content you need to add for its creation.
  • Click the button to make your own skill (it is at the bottom).
  • Choose the usage options (in the example you will see where it says Random, but it may vary).
  • Add the content (in this example only the names of your family or friends are needed).
  • Click the button that says next: experience (it’s at the top of the screen).

Click the button that says next

  • Select the experience options (in this example you just have to choose the tones and phrases that Alexa will say).
  • Give your application a name.
  • Click the next button: create a skill.
  • Check the notification that the app is being created (it’s at the top).
  • Test your app by saying “Alexa, open [followed by your name]” (in this example the name is Who’s next).

Test your app by saying

What Alexa skills can be created?

You can make them for yourself and for all the people who want to use them if you decide to make them public. You could help a lot of people if you create useful apps . But keep in mind that each skill is different, and that’s why creating some is easier than others.

Alexa skills for your home

Alexa skills for your home

Custom questions and answers

Keep in mind that you do not need to open this skill by name, you just need to ask what you wrote (watch your spelling and put each tick in its place).

Guests at home

Make an extensive guide with information that your family and friends may need at home when you are not around . Have Alexa tell them where to find the thermostat, the coffee maker, how to turn on the TV, etc.

How many days

It reminds you how many days are left for your important events.

Who does it touch

Hasn’t it happened to you that you fight with your brother to get the dog out? Alexa decides for you.

Pending tasks

Assign household chores for each day of the week, and Alexa will remember who’s each, and score points for each person based on the number of tasks completed.

Skills for Alexa of fun and games

Skills for Alexa of fun and games


Alexa will motivate you with all the inspirational phrases you set up.


Make others laugh with funny jokes.

Pick up lines

Raise your self-esteem and that of your friends with Alexa.


Do not you find it difficult to decide what to do no matter how easy the decision is? Alexa can make everything simpler by deciding for you.

Alexa skills for communities and organizations

News summary

You can use this application to receive news of your interest, or you can even create a news service for other people who set it up in Alexa.


Create a podcast for others to hear interesting topics, but keep in mind that you need an RSS feed that already exists.

Skills for Alexa of learning and knowledge

Tabs to study

With Alexa, you can review the topics that will appear on your exams, and she will tell you if your answers are correct or not.

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