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How To Download AppValley app – Guide

Download AppValley app

Are you tired of not having what you want from the official App store? Looking for modified apps that Apple doesn’t authorize? Then check out AppValley. This third-party App store offers everything the official store doesn’t have: modified games, optimized apps, working emulators, tweaks, and much more. You don’t need to jailbreak to use it and it’s completely free.

How to download AppValley:

AppValley is simple enough to download to your device; just make sure you have a good internet connection:

  1. Using the Safari browser, open the AppValley official download page.
  2. Click on the download button and wait: AppValley will appear on the Home once the process is completed.
  3. Open Settings> General> Profiles
  4. Click on the AppValley profile
  5. Select Trust and close Settings
  6. You can now use AppValley for all your apps and games.

How to use AppValley:

AppValley is as easy to use as the official App store:

  1. Open AppValley from Home
  2. Select the “App” option
  3. Find a game or app and click on it.
  4. Click on Install and run the in-app instructions to complete the installation
  5. When finished, the app icon will appear on the home screen

What is AppValley?

AppValley is one of the newest third-party app installers and a popular choice as an alternative to the official App Store. It doesn’t need a jailbreak to work and offers tons of modified games, game emulators, tweaks, streaming apps, and more, all for free.

Features of AppValley:

AppValley offers many features to please all users:

  • It is free to both download and use
  • Offers a large selection of apps, games, and other unofficial content
  • It takes up little space and memory on your device.
  • It does not require jailbreak
  • It is updated regularly with new content and security improvements
  • It is not necessary to provide your Apple ID
  • No special permissions are required for installation

However, AppValley has a small problem. Since it is an unofficial application, it is not available in the official store; this means that Apple could revoke the certificate at any time, preventing it from working. The easiest way to overcome this problem is to install one of the recommended VPNs.

Also consider that if you plan to use AppValley as an alternative to Cydia, you shouldn’t expect the same user experience. Most of Cydia’s tweaks require jailbreaking to work, and since AppValley doesn’t require it, you’ll only have a small handful of tweaks available. However, there is a lot of other unofficial content available for you to choose from.

How to remove AppValley:

If you can’t use AppValley, or you need to delete it due to an error, uninstalling it is simple:

Method 1: delete the app profile

  1. Open Settings> General> Profiles
  2. Select the AppValley profile and click Delete profile

Method 2: delete the app icon

  1. Long press on the app icon
  2. When the icons start vibrating, select the small x in the top corner
  3. Click on Delete

Both methods remove AppValley from your iPhone or iPad.

Frequent questions:

Here’s everything you need to know about AppValley

Is AppValley legal and safe?

Yes, for both of them. It doesn’t require jailbreaking, which means no root access is required so you won’t have to break iOS security policies. Developers also constantly monitor the store and all loaded apps are tested through an antivirus scanner: applications that fail the test are rejected. Finally, it doesn’t need special permissions to work because it’s completely legal.

Is it an alternative to Cydia?

Yes, but it does not replace it. AppValley cannot offer all the modifications offered by Cydia as it does not require root access, however, it offers many other features.

What devices are supported?

All iOS devices running iOS 10-iOS 14

How do I fix the white screen error?

Delete AppValley from your device and reinstall it

What about the untrusted developer error?

This is a common problem with unofficial content:

  1. Open Settings> General> Profiles
  2. Select the AppValley profile
  3. Click on Trust and close the Settings: the error has been fixed.

There is no installation option

Check that you don’t already have a version of the app on your device: delete all instances of AppValley and reinstall it.

Why should I use AppValley?

Because it offers apps, games and so much more; all for free and without jailbreak. You will not get it from the official store, as you definitely will not get the Cydia modifications that are present in the AppValley App store

Is it different from Emus4U?

No. The developers are working together to ensure that if one installer doesn’t work on your device, the other will. Both are free.

Can I use it on Android?

No, not yet. The developers are working on an Android version, however, remember not to click on any link on the Internet claiming to have the installation file – these are fake.

How to find apps and games?

Just browse the store or use the search function if you want to find something specific.

Try AppValley today: you won’t find a better alternative that can offer you the same wide range of content for free.

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