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How to disable the auto update of the Instagram feed

As for the rest of the most used social networks, Instagram comes with a function of auto-update of the feed, which means that the posts that appear at the top will always be the most recent ones. However, this feature is often annoying, as it often causes you to lose sight of a post you were viewing, due to automatic updating, as you will automatically be taken to the top of the screen. In this guide, we will tell you how to disable it.

Instagram: how to disable the auto-update of the feed

The setting to disable the auto-update of the Instagram feed is not present within the app but is represented by a simple trick from the smartphone settings, where you can disable the use of background data.

InstagramIn this way, the app will no longer receive data for automatic updating feed posts, thus saving you the boredom of being brought back to the top of the most recent post. That’s how:

  • Open the settings of your smartphone;
  • Go to the section relating to the network (the name may vary depending on the model);
  • From here, you should be able to select the relevant item the use of data by apps;
  • Once the relevant screen has been opened, all you have to do now is find Instagram in the list and select it;
  • Once you have opened the relevant settings screen for the use of the app’s network, you just have to find and disable the toggle for background data usage.

In this way, the Instagram app will not use mobile data in the background and it will stop updating automatically, also avoiding consuming your data. Recall that however you will no longer be able to receive notifications related to post activity, requests or messages received, when the app is closed.

If you would like to restore the background data usage for Instagram, you just have to repeat the steps above, but re-enabling the toggle for background data.

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