Automatic playback of previews on Netflix can now be stopped: here’s how

Automatic playback of previews on Netflix they are incredibly annoying. These suddenly pop up while you are browsing for a movie or one TV series to see, annoying the user with unwanted video and audio.

Although it is a great way to discover newer content uploaded to the platform, it can be very annoying. Realizing this inconvenience, Netflix developers have acted by proposing a system to disable previews and allow more fluid navigation to their users.

disable automatic playback

Automatic playback of previews on Netflix can now be stopped: here’s how

The useful option for this is rather simple to locate and activate. To reach it you need to access Netflix from a browser.

Note well: even if the option can only be activated from a browser, its effect is also valid on other devices. The activation itself, however, is only accessible via computer.

  • The actual procedure consists of:
  • Go with the mouse on the profile icon (top right) and click on Account
  • Search for the name of your profile and select the entry Playback settings
  • deselect the Automatic option preview while browsing on all devices
  • Click on Save to save the changes made

Delete all auto-plays on Netflix

If the problem is not only the previews but all the automatic reproductions, there is a slightly different procedure.

In this case, it is possible to use the voice Automatic play of the next episode of a series on all devices. In doing so, Netflix will not automatically start playing at the next episode of a series when one finishes playing.

Playback settings are specific to each profile. So if there are multiple profiles for different people on an account and you want to disable auto-play previews for everyone, you have to repeat this procedure for each profile.

Although this service is the best for streaming videos / TV series, it is good to remember that there are also several rather attractive alternatives to Netflix.

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