How To Delete And Merge Duplicate Contacts On Your Xiaomi

Delete And Merge Duplicate Contacts

Google allows you to save the contacts in your account. When you buy a new mobile and enter your Gmail, moving contacts is an automatic process. However, you will always see that some contacts are modified or deleted.

But if you have a Xiaomi you should know that it allows you to eliminate repeated contacts, although there are certain things about this function that you should know.

Gone is the time of passing the contacts by hand, with a written list, but you will continue to have many problems with these “automatic processes”.

You can even lose important contacts. Pay attention because we are going to explain how to avoid it.

How to synchronize your Gmail account (including contacts) on your Xiaomi

These simple steps are what you must follow when you launch your new Xiaomi:

  • When you turn on your Xiaomi mobile it will ask you for your Google account (use yours or create a new one). You will have to remember your password, obviously.
  • When you have your Google account synchronized, the mobile will ask you if you want to synchronize everything (Gmail, Calendar, Chrome, Contacts, Google Drive, etc.). You must accept it.
  • That will be when your Xiaomi, at some point in the configuration, will tell you if you want to delete the duplicate contacts.
  • From now on, any contact you enter will be saved in that Gmail account you registered (unless you specify otherwise).

Where is the option to merge contacts in the Xiaomi?

If you have already configured your Xiaomi mobile and it did not offer you the combination of your duplicate contacts, there is a way to do it:

  • Enter the Contacts application (do not enter from the “Calls” application, it does not work there).
  • Open the Menu (the 3 dots in the upper right corner) and click on Settings.
  • Go to the Organize contacts section and click on Merge duplicate contacts. Then you will only have to click on Combine.

How to avoid problems when merging contacts?

But to make that move and combination of contacts with few errors, first, take a look at these recommendations:

Don’t throw away your old mobile

Your old mobile can help you solve problems in the transfer of contacts to your new mobile to find those data that were not passed. Do not throw it away or restore it to factory settings before successfully completing the contact migration and merge.

Check where you have saved your contacts

It may happen that some of your contacts are saved elsewhere and you haven’t noticed (another Google account, the SIM, the phone, etc.). When you make the move and extract your contacts, the ones that were saved elsewhere will not be moved. A timely review could prevent you from losing important contacts.

Avoid long names

If you are one of those who prefer to start the name of your contacts with references (Madrid Taxi Driver Pedro) make sure that this name is not too long, as it may be something like “Madrid Taxi P” and you will not know who it refers to.

It is also recommended that you use the other boxes to fill out that the Android system offers you (Surname, Company, Nickname, etc).


Still, no matter how hard you review, some contacts may not be 100% the same. Brands must improve this procedure, although each one applies its rules (hopefully Google will make it standard to avoid problems).

The last thing we can recommend is patience and review the contacts one by one to see if they are all okay, or at least those that are most important to you if you have many.

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