How To Convert Songs To MP3

How to convert songs and songs to MP3 so that you can keep and listen to them from your smartphone

Convert MP3
Although now the songs can be listened to by the numerous streaming services available online, nothing prevents us from fetching our large collection of albums in CD format or our collection of music saved in the computer’s memory and moving it to our smartphone or tablet, so that you can listen to good music without consuming Internet traffic and without being connected (which is very useful if we travel abroad).
If we have songs in WMA, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis format or traditional audio CDs, in this guide we will show you all the tools we can use to convert a song to MP3 on any modern platform, so that you can act immediately where necessary and get a new library full of files ready for listening.

MP3 conversion guide

All the programs, sites, and apps that we recommend are offered for free, so we won’t have to pay any license fees for converting our songs to MP3.

Obviously we assume that the songs to be converted are already in our possession, saved in a format other than MP3 or stored on a standard audio CD: none of the sites indicated will allow you to download songs from the Web (this being illegal).

How to convert songs to MP3 from PC

The best program to convert songs to MP3 from PC is MediaHuman Audio Converter, available free for Windows and Mac.

This program is very simple to use: drag our music files into the interface, make sure MP3 is selected in the format field at the top, choose the folder where to save the converted files (in the drop-down menu at the bottom) then we press the button Convert to start the conversion to MP3.

Alternatively, we can use the program Fre: ac, available free for Windows and Mac.

Fre: ac

Also, in this case, the conversion to MP3 is very simple: add the files by pressing the symbol (+) at the top, select the audio files, press the Browse bottom right, and choose the folder where to save the converted songs. To start the actual conversion, press the arrow button located next to the Play button and select the item MP3 BLADES Encoder.

App to convert a song to MP3

If we want to convert to songs in MP3 directly from our smartphone or tablet, we can use the app Media Converter, available for free for Android devices.
Media Converter

Using this app is very simple: select the song to be converted in the included file manager, then press the button Convert to MP3 to start the conversion.

From iPhone and iPad we can convert a song to MP3 using the free app The Audio Converter.
The Audio Converter

With this app we can convert any song on the fly, choosing MP3 as the output format and starting the conversion, which we can choose to save in the phone’s memory or share in some social apps.

How to convert a song to MP3 online

If we want to avoid using programs or apps for converting songs to MP3, we can use sites that can convert any file online. One of the best is without a shadow of a doubt
Online Converter

To use the online service, simply drag the file to be converted into the window, choose the MP3 format, and wait for the newly converted file to be downloaded, which we can immediately listen to, keep in a folder on the computer or transfer to the smartphone.

Alternatively, we can use the free service offered by

Online Audio Site

To start the conversion, press the button Open files, select one or more songs to convert, choose the MP3 format and the quality of the final file then press the button Convert to upload songs and convert them online; at the end, the download of the converted songs will start.

How to convert a song from CD to MP3

If our songs are kept inside an Audio CD, we can convert them to MP3 using a free program like CDex.

Once the Audio CD is inserted into the recorder or DVD player (if we don’t have one, we can get it using an external USB burner), open the program, make sure to select all the songs present and press the icon on the side Convert to MP3 (the second from the top), so you can choose the destination folder and the quality of the conversion.

Alternatively, we can always rely on free: ac, which we have already talked about at the beginning of the guide: this program has a module that can read CDs and quickly convert them to MP3, with the same speed seen for audio files in other formats.


Although it can be anachronistic these days, it is always advisable to have quick tools at hand to convert music tracks to WAV, WMA, or other audio formats to MP3, which is still the best format for listening to audio without the need for being connected to the Internet.

And if we have several audio music CDs, we can quickly convert them to MP3 and recreate our music library in digital format, so that we can preserve the durability of the discs.

To learn more about the conversion of songs to MP3 we can read our guides How to convert CDs, cassettes, and vinyl to MP3 is Best apps to convert audio and video on Android.

If instead, we are looking for universal conversion methods for any file, we invite you to read our article on File converters for all formats and types, Sites, and programs.

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