How to connect 2 PCs in WIFI to share files and the Internet


File sharing is very important nowadays, as we constantly need to send/receive documents or images at any time of the day. For this reason, knowing how to share files or a connection is vital and helps users save a lot of time. In particular, in this article, we are going to see how it is possible to connect 2 PCs to Wi-Fi to share files and the Internet.

How to connect two PCs in Wi-Fi

Even though nowadays we almost always have an Internet connection to our devices, it could always be useful to know how to connect two PCs to be able to share files, or perhaps an Internet connection without using the router.

Connect two PCs to share the connection

Do you want to connect two PCs in Wi-Fi to share the connection quickly? Nothing simpler! In fact, to succeed in your intent you will have to follow a few simple steps that will allow your Windows / Mac PC to become a real hotspot.

If you use Windows :

  • Open Windows Settings
  • Continue on Network and Internet, then on Mobile Hotspot
  • Then check the item to activate the Hotspot on the PC

Connect two PCs to share the connection

All that’s left to do is connect to the newly created network through the other PC so that you are immediately connected to the Internet. Furthermore, if you wish to change the name and password of the newly created network, all you have to do is always go to the Mobile Hotspot tab and click on Edit to enter the data of your interest.

On macOS, on the other hand:

  • Click on the Apple icon, top right, then on System Preferences
  • Continue inside the Sharing tab
  • Then click on Internet Sharing and, on the next screen, select the Wi-Fi option
  • At this point, check the item relating to Internet Sharing and share the connection with the device of your interest

If, on the other hand, you intend to connect two PCs in Wi-Fi to share files, then you should know that Windows 10 offers an excellent, very useful, and simple to use the function, called Proximity Sharing.

Since this function was recently implemented within the Microsoft operating system, it is good to check the Windows version and the presence of any updates :

  • Go to Windows 10 Settings
  • Continue on Update and security
  • At this point, in the Windows Update screen, check for any updates and, if necessary, download and install them

Connect two PCs to share files

After verifying that your PC has installed the latest available version of Windows 10, you can proceed with the procedure that we will show you below:

  • Open Windows Settings
  • Continue on System, then on Shared experiences
  • At this point, under the heading of Shared experiences, tick the option of Sharing in proximity, then select the entry Only from my devices (to have a safe and reliable connection) or the entry All users in the vicinity

Shared experiences

It is good to know that, in case you have chosen the item Only from my devices, to carry out the procedure correctly, you will need to log in with the same Microsoft account on each PC to be connected to the newly created network.

At this point:

  • Locate the file to share and right-click on it
  • Among the various items, identified the one relating to Sharing
  • In the screen that opens, locate the PC to send the file to, select, and send
  • warning will appear on the recipient PC on which you just have to click to accept the shared file

You can also change the saving location of received files:

  • Open Windows 10 Settings
  • Continue on System, then on Shared experiences
  • Within the new dedicated screen, near the item Save the files I receive in, click on Edit and choose the saving location that is most convenient for you


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