How to clean up Mac – 5 Best Software free and paid.

Often and willingly, based on false myths, we tend to think that Macs are immune to viruses and do not require maintenance. In the long term, however, neglecting these aspects can lead to general slowdowns of the system and seriously compromise, even if rarely, safety. In this guide, we see some of the simplest ways to clean up your Mac using common tools both free and paid.

Disk cleanup directly from the Mac

Although you look for the solution elsewhere, it is often there before your eyes. MacOS offers its users many powerful tools to face everyday life. We are not only talking about productivity software such as Pages, Mail, or Notes but also about those a little more hidden or less intuitive and integrated into the OS that equally simplifies the routine.

Clicking on the Apple in the upper left and then on About this Mac> Storage> Managers opens a summary screen of the Mac memory occupation.

isk cleanup directly from the Mac

You can then access the device files by browsing the categories on the left side of the interface. It is a good idea to relieve your PC of heavier files or at least duplicates that have no practical use. Also, in the advice section, you can specify the automatic deletion of the contents of the trash that has been present for more than 30 days.

CleanMyMac X

For those unfamiliar with CleanMyMac X is one of the most popular applications and with more functions available for the maintenance of your Mac. Among the many options available we cannot fail to mention the detection of duplicates, of useless files such as those dating back to installations of non more present on disk, email attachments, and large files. In addition to these, safety-related functions are available. Malware scanning and personal data protection make this software one of the best on the market.

CleanMyMac X

The use is extremely intuitive, just go to the desired section and start the scan at the end of which the program will provide a report with the possible actions to be carried out to solve a possible problem. But everything has a price and that of CleanMyMac X is around 40 euros when not in promotion.


This is not a real antivirus. In fact, the same manufacturer does not spare itself in defining it as an intelligent antivirus. By exploiting artificial intelligence, MalwareByte can trace the presence of viruses, malware, and ransomware from small clues, making the system more reactive and less exposed to threats.


However, it is necessary to know that the one that provides real protection is the premium version. Real-time protection from adware, suspicious developer apps, and threats are not available in the free version. Even the scheduled scan is unfortunately not available in the free version. In any case, it is possible to take advantage of the advantages of the premium version for 14 days, more than enough to carefully evaluate its work and meditate on its purchase. For prices, please refer to the official Malwarebytes website.


It is a free application that allows you to uninstall any software while making sure to delete even those files that are often forgotten in the system during an ordinary removal. You only need to travel to the site of AppCleaner, download, install and then open the right version for your operating system. Once this is done just push cmd + space to access Spotlight and look for the Applications folder. Once this folder is open, simply drag the icon of the app you want to delete into the AppCleaner interface and that’s it.


Delete App: Uninstaller

Just like AppCleaner, this app allows you to erase every single trace left by a deleted application. It actually also allows you to reset any app to its first launch settings as if it had just been installed. The only thing to do is to search for it on the App Store, install it and select the applications to remove. By selecting the item ” Details ” about any application, it is possible to specify to delete the entire app or only the files relating to it to restore each configuration to its initial state.

Delete App Uninstaller

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