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How to Check Play Time on Nintendo Switch

You spend a lot of time playing on your Nintendo Switch? Do you want to control how many hours you spend on the console rather than studying or working? If you are worried about exaggerating with gaming or if you just want to know how long it took you to complete one of the best retro games on Switch, know that Nintendo has the solution for you! You can in fact check the playtime on the Nintendo Switch: we explain how to do it, in this guide.

On the main screen of the Nintendo Switch, you can view all information related to your game library. Here you will find a detailed list of all the games you have played, of course, as long as you have not deleted them. you can order this listing based on the total playing time longer: in this way, you can quickly understand which games you have played the most.

Nintendo Switch game time

It is very important to remember that this menu shows the total playing times for all user profiles using the same console Nintendo Switch. It is clear that, if you usually share the game on more than one profile or if you play on more than one console, this menu will not provide you a complete picture of the playing time.

Check the playing time from the profile

To view game times limitedly to a single profile, we obviously recommend that you look at your profile page. In the menu “Game activities”, you will be able to view the 20 titles you recently played, along with the playing times approximate.

Nintendo Switch shows game times in the format “Played for n hours or more”: it should be noted that the hours reported by the console they are the result of rounding.

Played for n hours

If you want to view the game times outside of 20 games played most recently, simply open the game and go back to your profile. Remember that Nintendo Switch will not allow you to view the times during the first ten days of play. If you want to check the game times as soon as possible, open the game as soon as you have downloaded it. In this way, the information will be available as soon as possible, even if the games remain in your backlog for a while.

How to make game times private on Nintendo Switch

Do you want to keep privacy about your playing times? Well, you can do it: Nintendo allows you to control the Switch’s privacy settings. To do this, log in to User settings from your main profile page and then select “Game Activity Settings”. In this menu, you can control who can view your game activity on Nintendo Switch – the selection must be set to “Nobody”.

To be sure no one can view your gaming activities on the console, go to “User Settings”, then to “Friends Settings” and set “Who do you want to see yourself online?” on “None”.

Use the Family Filter app for more detailed information

Nintendo Switch Family Filter

As we highlighted in the previous paragraph, the game time data shown by the console is neither complete nor accurate. If you need access to detailed and (above all) certain information, we recommend using the app Nintendo “Parental Controls”. This allows you to check the details and playing time that your sons spend on the console.

Using the Family Filter app you will be able to access much more detailed information such as, for example, view game times more responsive to reality and access a list of games used on specific days. The app also allows you to view a detailed summary of the previous month’s gaming activity. Family Filter finally allows you to check too how much time spent on your child on the Home menu or other system screens.

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