How to change the ringtone on your smartphone


Another small tutorial on how to change the ringtone that comes by default on your smartphone. There are a lot of ringing tones that we hear out there, those are the things that we can use to personalize our experience with mobile devices and also reveal a little bit of our personality.

Whether fans of Rock, Pop, Jazz, or even an alternative or sometimes we want to have that specific touch for our annoying boss or our girlfriend, this is something that the Android system allows with some simplicity. So let’s get started.


Obviously we will need a smartphone to start, and of course the audio file of the song we want to choose.

More personal than ever:

There are also several applications that allow you to download the ringtone or ringtone you want, the application Zedge is one of them, likewise lets you directly within the application define the ringtone as the main ringtone.

But let’s do it the old, more conventional way.

  1. Open the applications drawer and click on Settings
  2. In the settings, look for the “sounds and vibration” option, and select
  3. Select the Ringtone option
  4. Choose the ringtone you would like to use from the existing options, or select any mp3 file you have in your smartphone’s memory.

And now you can show a little more of your personality with the new touch, so that everyone knows what kind of person they are, at least when they receive a call.

But take it easy, then, and if you want a personalized touch for that special someone.

  1. Open the applications drawer and click on your contact list
  2. Search for the contact you want to add a specific ringtone to and select
  3. In the upper right corner, choose more options
  4. Select the Set Ringtone option.
  5. And in the same way, choose the touch you would like to use.

And then everything is ready, do you already use the ringtones that are defined by default or do you use something with more style? Leave your answer in the comments.

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