It is common that some applications offer ads and notifications But, it becomes very annoying when they invade our mobile constantly. And many of them send the information when the team is asleep or when we are not even using that application.Thus, it’s important that you determine which application sends notifications to deactivate the function. Also, applications like WhatsApp have tools to detect when they send you spam and this is how it works. If you are tired of spam and fake ads, we will explain how to disable them.

How to disable full-screen ads on Android?

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There is nothing more unpleasant than to be checking some information on the mobile and suddenly receive an ad on the screen. This happens because there are some malicious applications (allowed by the Play Store) that send ads and notifications even if you are not using that application.

To deactivate them follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, open the multitasking of your mobile.
  2. See which applications are currently running. The first ones that are highlighted are the ones that are possibly sending you the full-screen ads.
  3. Press the application and enter to verify if notifications are activated. If so, turn off the option.
  4. This action prevents the application from making you future notifications.

On phones with Android 5.0 or higher, the process is very simple, just press the notification to see what application it comes from and proceed to block notifications. Some of the malicious applications may rename to send notifications and ads. We recommend you uninstall that application since there is surely another one that does the same function but, without malicious advertising.

What to do with the ads received from web pages?

It is very likely that when entering the browser of your mobile some pages ask you permission to send you notifications and you access. Likewise, there are others who send ads without prior notice, just by entering their addresses they urge you to visit them again.

Steps to block notifications in Google Chrome

  1. Enter the Chrome browser and go to the “Settings”. It is located in the upper right with some points.
  2. There Enter the “Notifications” section and click on the “From websites” option.
  3. In the same way, you can choose the option that indicates to ask before the sites send you notifications. It is the recommended one, likewise, you will be able to see the pages with blocked and allowed ads.
  4. Also, in Chrome’s settings you can go to “Website settings” and go to the “Ads” section there you can block the invasive ads.

If you use Google Calendar and receive many spam notifications, here we explain how to block them.

If your browser is Samsung, you can also disable notifications

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For people who have Samsung phones and use that browser, You can turn off notifications with steps very similar to those used in Google Chrome.

When a site sends you an ad you can press the “Site Settings” button and disable notifications for that site in particular or of all the pages that are displayed.

This action can be reversed. entering the browser again and allowing the site to send ads and notifications.

Block notifications in Firefox easily

It is important to know that Firefox does not support Android notification channels and it also does not have a list of all the sites that have permissions to submit them. Even if it seems complex, you can block the ads and notifications of each site.

  1. As soon as you receive an ad, it will indicate the page it comes from and you can block the sending of notifications. This is a quick way to do it, but if you mistakenly press to allow, there is no problem, continue with the next steps.
  2. Go to the site that sends you notifications and touch the green padlock that appears in the URL. If another icon appears, press it the same way.
  3. When I show you the options choose “Edit site settings”.
  4. In the notifications section press the option to place the checklist and then press clean to save the changes.

These annoying spam notifications and fake ads will no longer be a problem, with these steps you can disable them in a simple and fast way.