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How to activate two-factor authentication on Telegram

Telegram was the most downloaded app globally in January 2021. This messaging app collected over 64 million installations during the first month of the year and its growth does not seem to stop, thanks to the infinity of channels on each topic and bots that can perform any activity.

Given the popularity of the application and the increasing number of users, however, it is important to activate the “two-factor authentication“. Telegram implemented this option five years ago, and both longtime users and newbies should enable it right away. The activation of the two-factor verification on Telegram, in fact, takes less than five minutes but provides the necessary protections to the account.

Here, then, is an article that explains how to protect your account by activating two-factor authentication on Telegram.

activate two-factor authentication on Telegram

How to activate two-factor authentication on Telegram

Your Telegram account is linked to your phone number and for this reason, every time you want to access the app from a new device, the system will send you an SMS with a disposable code. To access Telegram from the new device it is therefore necessary to enter the code received on your smartphone. Two-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification, is an additional option that you can activate to protect your account.

This two-step verification, in fact, also requires you to enter a password in addition to the single-use code, in this way you will have to enter both parameters to access your account and you will be more protected.

So let’s see how to set up two-factor authentication on Telegram:

  1. Open Telegram
  2. Select the Settings menu (which can be in the top left or bottom right, depending on your device)
  3. Go to the Privacy and Security section
  4. Tap Two-Step Verification
  5. Press Set Password
  6. Enter the password you want to set and confirm it
  7. Add a hint that will help you remember your password.

There is also the possibility of add an email recovery so if you forget your password you can ask to reset it via email To activate this function you must request a verification code to be sent to your email address and, once received, you will need to enter that number on the app to authenticate the mail.

Once this is done, you have activated two-factor authentication! Once finished press “Return to Settings” to complete the setup and return to the chat screen.

The privacy policy updates that Facebook wanted to apply to WhatsApp convinced many users to abandon the American messaging app in favor of Telegram, which is increasing its popularity. In addition Telegram offers numerous features that on WhatApp are not available, like channels, and this has allowed the app to spread quickly.

Telegram, in fact, is not a particularly heavy application and does not use too many resources, all features that make it an excellent choice even for users who use really basic smartphones.

two-factor authentication

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