Over the past few weeks, we have heard several times about the new smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. Despite its flagship specs, it will be more affordable than the Galaxy S10. However, we have a hedgehog has a simplified model, and it is called Galaxy S10e.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite cost?

Yes, and everyone knows about it, but how much will Lite cost? Galaxy S10e went on sale at a price of 56 990 rubles, Galaxy S10 was estimated at 69 990, and Galaxy S10 Plus costs all 76 990. The new model can fill the gap between the first and second flagship. Thus, the expected Galaxy S10 Lite can be estimated at 63 thousand or so.Since the last leak, we learned new details, and according to rumors, the Galaxy S10 Lite will largely repeat the design of the S10e, but the display will be curved around the edges. The screen size will be 6.4 inches, but some experts suggest that it will receive a 6.7-inch panel. He will have a dual camera with wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle optics.