WhatsApp: users will have more time to accept the new privacy rules

The much-discussed and approximate new privacy policy of Whatsapp will come into effect as of this May 15. As you might have guessed, users are still not satisfied with the company’s clarifications on the matter and its repeated assurances have been able to do little to allay doubts in the minds of users.

These in fact they risked losing key functionality on the WhatsApp messaging platform, if they refuse to accept the new terms of service by May 15. For this purpose, the messaging platform gave users even more time to think about it, as you can also read on the relative FAQ page.

The company has indeed clarified that the user account will not be deleted nor will it lose functionality if the new privacy rules are not accepted by May 15th. However, the company has specified that this will only represent a little more time allowed to think about it. In fact, after a few weeks, the remainder will become more and more incessant, and eventually, users will have to accept the new terms and conditions to maintain the full functionality of the application.

WhatsappAlthough it is possible to ignore the reminder for some time, you will gradually lose the ability to send and receive messages definitively thereafter. However, WhatsApp will continue to maintain your account and related data.

If the new WhatsApp privacy rules continue to not convince you, you just have to switch to the numerous existing alternatives, among which it can not help but stand out at the forefront of Telegram.

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