How to Hard Reset TCL cell all models [Wipe Data/ Factory Reset]

TCL cell

How to format TCL cell phone by buttons or accessing settings? This tutorial can be used to hard reset or backup TCL L10 / L10 LITE / L10 PRO / 10SE / 10LTCL 20Y / 20SETCL L5TCL L7TCL L9TCL C5TCL T7, and TCL C9 mobile phones.

Supported cell phone models:

Use this guide to remove passwords, increase internal memory space and improve system performance. So, wipe everything off your phone in a few minutes to start over with Android from scratch, if that’s what you want. To do this, select one of the methods below.

First steps:

  • Make sure your cell phone battery has a usable charge of 35% or more.
  • Back up your files (instructions below).
  • Write down or memorize the Google account information that is linked to the phone. This data will be requested later.

How to format a TCL phone by buttons?

Heads up! All data will be erased from the phone’s internal storage. It is highly advisable to completely backup your phone before formatting or factory reset.

1. Turn off your device normally and wait a few seconds. Then press and hold together the Volume up button and the Power button (Power button).

2. When the phone vibrates and the logo appears, just release the Power button and keep holding the Volume up button. Keep pressing until you see the phone‘s recovery screen (picture from step 3).

recovery screen

3. On the Android Recovery screen, press the Volume button down until the Wipe data/factory reset option is highlighted. Then press the Power button to confirm your selection.

4. In the next step, select the Factory data to reset or Yes option and then confirm by pressing the Power button .

Factory data reset 

5. After having applied the reset, the home menu will be displayed again. Press the Power button to confirm the Reboot system now option and restart your TCL phone.

Reboot system now

Thereafter the Android restore procedure will be automated. Just wait for it to finish and then configure your phone following the onscreen instructions.

How to reset a TCL phone by settings?

To reset your phone to the factory default you need to access your TCL phone settings. Remember that all phone data will be permanently erased. See below how to back up your data: Go to Settings > Backup and Restore > Under Back up my data, enable the key.


  • Turn on your TCL cell phone.
  • Go to the Settings screen.
  • Tap the Backup and Restore tab.
  • Touch the Factory Data Restore option.
  • Then tap the RESTORE PHONE button.

After performing the restoration, use the Google account credentials used on the mobile. This will automatically restore your files and settings backed up.