Hard Reset on the LG G Pad 7

Hard Reset on the LG G Pad 7
Factorey Reset LG G Pad 7


This is a very simple to be done tutorial. But you need to check if everything is OK:

Have at least 40% battery Back up your files Remove your memory card Now yes, it’s time to do the hard reset on your device:

1. Make sure that you did everything that was above list, then disconnect your device

2. Press and hold On / Off button + volume down button at the same time.

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3. Release the On / Off so the LG logo key is displayed and keep pressing the Volume Minus key.

4. Then press again and NSURING On / Off button + Volume key Up while keeping also the Volume Less. Key

5. If everything worked out a white screen will be displayed. Release all buttons when the Factory Reset screen appears.

6. Press the On / Off button to continue or either of the volume keys to cancel. Press the telca On / Off again to confirm. Ready Now your device will run the hard reset and start again a few minutes!

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