/[Guide] How To Install Mac OS X Mavericks On Your Pc

[Guide] How To Install Mac OS X Mavericks On Your Pc



  • A Mac OS X for download from the Mac App Store Mavericks and the creation of a UniBeast
  • 8GB USB
  • An Intel processor-based PC that meets the requirements for running Mavericks.

Steps To Installation :-

1.  From a Mac, free download Mac OS X Mavericks from the Apple Store and make sure the installation file is in the / Applications folder.


2.  Download the latest version of  UniBeast  and  MultiBeast  from  here .

3.  Formatting your  USB Flash Drive  using ” Disk Utility “in the Mac with the following settings ( focus, you will lose all the data stored in USB disk ):

  • Select USB from the left column

Select the tab “Partition” on the right, click the drop down menu where there is a written  Current  and choose  1 Partition. Now click ” Options “and select” Master Boot Record “.

  • Put  USB  as the name of the partition and select ” Mac OS Extended (Journaled) “as the format type.

  • Finally, click on the bottom right of  Apply .

4.  Start now  UniBeast , downloaded in Step 2.

5.  Click through the first few screens of the program by clicking on  Continue  or  Agree , until you get to  the Destination Select .

6.  Select your  USB  and click  Continue  to proceed.

7.  On the  Installation Type  sure it is selected  Mac App Store Mavericks – 10.9  between packets. In addition:

  • Select  Legacy USB Support  if you are using an old system with Socket 1156 or the  support package to laptops  if you install the system on a notebook.

Once done, click on  Continue , enter the administrator password for your Mac if required and let  UniBeast  create a  bootable OS X Mavericks  on their USB.

Then, move the file  MultiBeast  downloaded in step 2 in the USB stick.

8.  Restart your computer and make sure your BIOS is set to boot from USB devices. From the Boot Menu, select the USB and press Enter to begin the installation.

9.  Once in the installer of OS X, you will need to format the HD on which to install Mavericks using  Disk Utility  with these settings:

  • On the menu bar, click  Tools , and then start  Disk Utility;
  • Select on the left the hard disk where you want to install OS X;
  • Click on the tab  partition  located on the right, click on the drop-down list and select  1 Partition;
  • Now click on Options and select GUID Partition Method;
  • Writing  Macintosh HD  as the name for the HD and Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the format type;
  • Click  Apply  to finish always in the Partition tab.

10.  Once that is done, close the  Disk Utility  and return to the installer. Select “Macintosh HD”, which is modified to the drive you just installed OS X Mavericks.

Click  Install  to begin the actual installation. We’re almost there: Once the installation is finished, you will need to make bootable HD which has just been installed OS X Mavericks. This can be done using the utility MultiBeast, what did I tell you to insert the USB stick. In addition to making the HD bootable, can also install the necessary drivers for audio, video, LAN, Wi-Fi and much more.

11.  Restart the system again using the USB in which it was inserted Mavericks. From Chimera boot screen, select “Macintosh HD”.

12.  MultiBeast Start and choose all the necessary drivers for your PC. Once done, click on Build and then on  Install  to complete the installation.

And that’s all! You will now have a working OS X Mavericks installed on your PC.

At this point you just have to try the new OS X Mavericks on your Windows PC. Let me know how you are using the comments at end of article.  We thank  RedmondPie  for images. –