Clear Telegram cache

Do you need to clear the Telegram cache on your Android or iPhone? Here is the quick and easy guide to free up memory and clear the Telegram cache

Clear Telegram cache

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A new guide dedicated to Telegram for all readers.

In today’s guide, in particular, we are going to see [highlight color=”yellow”]how to clear and clear the Telegram cache easily and quickly.[/highlight]

Why clear the Telegram cache?

Simple: not everyone knows it, but by dint of using Telegram inside the smartphone, a lot of files (photos and videos above all) accumulate that are saved in the cache of the phone and take up a lot of memory. 

That’s right: Telegram, unlike WhatsApp, does not force users to download photos and videos before viewing them, a very convenient function that allows us to immediately preview images and videos without having to download and save them in the phone gallery. !

The downside is that all these files are saved in the cache of the smartphone and obviously, in the long run, this cache takes up more and more internal memory. Obviously, the weight of the Telegram cache depends on the number of channels you follow and above all on the number of photos and videos they share, but I can assure you that in all cases if you have never emptied it, the Telegram cache will take up a lot. memory in your smartphone.

Especially if you have a phone with little internal memory, therefore, clearing the cache of Telegram will be very useful to recover some space for your apps, games, photos, or programs.

So let’s not waste time and see immediately how to proceed.

Clear Telegram cache: here’s how

The steps to follow are few, simple, fast and within the reach of any user. Even if you are not an expert, you will still be able to achieve your goal easily.

NOTE: The following guide applies to both Android and iPhone.
  1. Open Telegram and go to Settings.
  2. Go to Data and Archive.
  3. Go to Archive Usage.
  4. Click Clear Cache. Select all
  5. Confirm by clicking on Clear cache at the bottom


With this guide, we are done.

How much space did you manage to recover by following our advice?

In my case, I have freed up 727MB, which is not exactly a few, right?