[Guide] Change Galaxy Note 2 Themes, Icons, Widget and Lock Screen

Is it possible change and install Samsung Galaxy Note 2 new Themes without flash custom ROM? This question is often asked by the Android beginner users. Changes Android Device Themes is simple and easy, but user sometimes may confused that the Android phone themes, widget and lock screen only can be change by flash new custom ROM. Sure, you can change your Galaxy Note 2 themes by manually flash the new custom ROM. But lot of beginner users will not take risks to change their Galaxy Note 2 theme by modify the stock firmware or ROM. This is because the Galaxy Note 2 binary counter will increase (void warranty) if change the stock firmware by flash custom ROM or kernel.

We have discuss lot of topics on how to root, unroot, reset binary counter and the step how to restore your Galaxy Note 2 to the original stock firmware. Then, today, lets discuss on how to change your Galaxy Note 2 Themes, Widgets and Lock Screen  without change your Galaxy Note 2 stock firmware.

Change Galaxy Note 2 themes, Widget and Lock Screen is simple task as there have lot of free launcher available download from Google Play Store. Here I am using Go Launcher EX which is one of popular free launcher available in the Google Play Store. You only needdownload go launcher application from Google Play Store (Link), then install into your Galaxy Note 2. Lot of different style themes, widgets and Lock Screen available in Go Launcher EX. So, you can change your interest Go Launcher  EX themes or restore back to your Galaxy Note 2 stock themes by simply one click.

    note 2 themes go launcher

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