Rockstar Games is gearing up to release the next installment in its outrageously popular GTA series, and gaming aficionados have been quivering with excitement for months. Finally, we may have a release date to share! According to sources close to the development process, we have a likely release date for GTA 6. Read on for all the latest details on this highly anticipated title!

A well-known source has revealed new details regarding the game’s long-awaited release date. Rockstar Games has officially revealed that it is working on the next iteration of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.


While this was significant news for fans, Rockstar declined to reveal any other specifics about the project, namely a release date. While the GTA 6 release date is unlikely to be revealed for some time, fans now have a better idea of ​​what to look forward to.

Sources close to the GTA 6 development process give hints on the release date

Jason Schreier, a writer at Bloomberg, used his social media to publicize a recent revelation about GTA 6. Schreier, who has had several moments in which he has revealed inside information about Rockstar in the past, hypothesized that the company would announce publicly release Grand Theft Auto 6 later this year and commit to a fall 2023 release schedule.

However, Schreier went on to explain that he feels this deadline will not be met, resulting in GTA 6 arriving in 2024.

It was not revealed whether Schreier had any inside information that would lead him to this conclusion, although this revelation lines up with certain previous rumors surrounding the GTA 6 release.

It is critical to emphasize that Schreier’s prediction about GTA 6 is simply speculation. As a result, this leak should not be treated as the absolute truth.

While Schreier is one of the most well-connected and recognized journalists in the video game business, this is just his best guess as to when GTA 6 will release. Still, considering how much he knows about the inner workings of Rockstar, it wouldn’t be surprising if his idea became reality in the future.

For now, fans should just wait for Rockstar’s official confirmation regarding the official release date for GTA 6.


Jason Schreier’s tweet about the potential release of Grand Theft Auto 6 has sparked a lot of discussion among gamers on social media. While some people were excited at the prospect, others felt that Schreier was jumping to conclusions and that there’s no way Rockstar could be announcing the game anytime soon. Stay tuned for all the latest tech news here at AndroidGeek! We will be sure to keep you updated on any new developments regarding GTA 6.