Gravity Box For Android Lollipop Now Available To Download


ravity Box is a very dear users Xposed Framework module, allowing bringing  much of the customization options  offered by custom roms without changing our phone system. Today receives an update that adds support  Lollipop .

The list of features is:

  • PIE controls CyanogenMod
  • Extended Desktop
  • Administration quick adjustments with new options and order thereof
  • Change color of the status bar
  • Control brightness by sliding your finger across the status bar
  • Central clock in the status bar
  • Different styles of battery indication
  • Editing the navigation bar
  • Low battery alert
  • Disable Notification LED low battery
  • Disable Notification LED while charging
  • Advanced Menu Shutdown (Restart and Recovery)
  • Customizing the volume buttons
  • Changing music track with the volume buttons with display off
  • More volume levels for music
  • Control Insurance headphone volume
  • Button to clear all recent applications
  • Adjustments to minimum brightness
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Adjustments to the unlock screen
  • Actions for physical buttons or navigation bar
  • Customizing the Notification panel background
  • Options to illuminate the physical buttons never, always, or when the display is on
  • Extra settings in the dialer
  • Extra settings for the launcher to Google
  • Screen Recording
  • GravityBox Actions, interface for external applications
  • Smart Radio
  • Notification Control (LED, sound and vibration customized for each application)
  • Tone Volume upcall

Currently, this module is under  alpha , so we remind that everyone is responsible for what happens to your phone. Furthermore, the author mentions that is not compatible with all systems, but only to those based on AOSP or with few customizations like Nexus or Motorola, as may conflict with the ROM if both access a visual element.

If you’re one of the lucky users can enjoy it, we recommend visiting the main thread onXDA Developers where you will find all the necessary information. If you’re using Jelly Bean  or KitKat  you have more stable versions if you have not tried and you are curious to know this great Xposed module.

GravityBox you expecting to spend the dark side of the lollipop?

More information  XDA Developers