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GOS on Samsung Galaxy S24 (Ultra): How to Disable it

It is a significant improvement over its predecessors that Samsung has recently introduced its newest premium flagship series, the Galaxy S24. To improve the gaming performance of the Galaxy S24, it is possible to disable the Game Optimizing Service (GOS). This article provides a guide on how to disable the Game Optimizing Service.

There are a number of ways to improve the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S24, such as clearing other games from memory, establishing a proper internet connection for online games, and many other methods. In addition to improving device performance during gaming and other GPU tasks, disabling GOS can also enhance performance on some devices.

Several years ago, Samsung introduced the Game Optimizing Service as a way to prevent overheating by limiting the performance of its devices. Disabling GOS will result in overheating and may consume an additional amount of battery, so you will need to be careful when disabling GOS. Furthermore, performance cannot remain stable for very long due to the CPU throttles as soon as it reaches the maximum temperature.


The guide is more for education than anything else, so don’t expect to notice a big difference with or without GOS.

Turn Off Game Optimizing Service on Galaxy S24

In order to turn off GOS on your Galaxy S24 device, follow these steps if you frequently play games and desire high performance and frame rates.

Enable USB Debugging

  • Go to the About Phone section of your phone’s settings.

Enable USB Debugging

  • You should now navigate to Software Information and tap seven times on Build Number. After entering your password, you will be able to access developer options.

Build Number seven times

  • Go back to Settings and now openĀ Developer Options.

developer options.

  • Here enableĀ USB Debugging. Connect your phone to your PC.

Disable GOS

  • Install the Android platform tools on your computer by downloading and extracting the folder.

  • In the address bar, type cmd and press enter to go to the extracted folder.

Download Android SDK Platform Tools (All OS)

  • Enter adb devices in the CMD panel. It’ll ask for authorization, so allow it.

  • Download Universal Android Debloater (uad_gui-windows.exe) from GitHub and move the file to the extracted folder (platform tools).

  • It will detect your phone as soon as you open the downloaded debloater. You may also use other debloater apps that you prefer.

  • Go to Settings in the app, check all three boxes, and then return to the Apps tab.

Universal Android Debloater

  • Go to the search box and type ‘gos’. Select from the list.

  • The Galaxy S24’s GOS can be disabled by clicking on Disable.

clicking on Disable.

Likewise, you can enable the GOS back on other Galaxy phones in the same manner.

Despite some improvements in the loading time of apps and games, disabling GOS on Samsung devices does not guarantee improved gaming performance.

Users report that disabling GOS offers a high level of performance for the first few minutes of gameplay, but the performance decreases because of CPU throttling to avoid overheating, maintaining the performance for the remainder of playtime.

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