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Google Play will ban capital letters, emojis and the words hook in the names of the apps

Although it may not seem like it, after what we can see in Google Play there are a series of rules and filters that developers must respect. As time goes by, Google adapts these rules to deal with emerging threats. With the latest revision, Google Play wants to stop the “malicious” way of presenting apps to us.

In addition to the position that apps occupy in Google Play, there are multiple ways to attract the attention of users. If you have ever looked for an app, you will have come across messages of “50% off”, “Best app of 2020” or similar things that have nothing to do with an icon or prominent Google mentions. The developers tried to use these claims precisely like that, the user claims, Now Google slows him down with a new normal that textually prohibits such practice.

In addition to limiting that only icons appear in the app icons, Google Play will also limit the size of the name of apps to 30 characters, also prohibiting the use of keywords that try to deceive the user into believing that this app stands out for something. For example, we could find it if an app were called “Google: the best Internet search engine” which would have to become “Google: Internet search engine”.

These restrictions will also apply to developer names (which are also often used to pretend to be a better app) and even include the prohibition of using emoticons or emojis in said texts. Even the use of capital letters will be limited in Google Play so that they are not used fraudulently to try to capture the user’s attention.

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