Google Maps is one of the applications most popular on Android, in addition to being one of the most useful to users. One of the most recent changes in the application, which we can also enjoy in Portugal, is the new less robotic voice.

Google continues to make changes to its navigation application, like the one we’re going to talk about.

Google Maps starts showing the location of traffic lights on the road. This is something that is at a somewhat early stage, but we will start to have icons that indicate the presence of traffic lights when we are using the Google Maps application.


Google Maps Now Starts Showing Traffic Lights

Google Maps now starts showing these traffic lights when navigating when driving. Note that the icons are small, it is necessary to zoom in to see them correctly. In navigation, they have a larger size, which makes viewing easier.

The application still doesn’t mention anything about traffic lights. The logical thing is that, in the near future, the application will allow you to plan routes and avoid as many traffic lights as possible, but it seems that this is not possible at this time. The introduction of traffic lights in the application is still at an early stage.

In fact, few users are able to see these traffic lights on Google Maps. Everything indicates that the company is testing the introduction of this function, but that it is not ready for everyone to use it.