Google is preparing a smart clock and game console


Google is preparing a smart clock and game console
Game console Ouya has become very popular with buyers and owners of devices with Android. The noise of the success of this device may encourage many manufacturers to create their own similar console or home media center with Android. It seems that the company Google has already undergone this winnowing and develops its own games console .  authoritative edition of The Wall Street Journal reports that in the depths of Google being developed smart watches, game console, as well as updating a smart media center Nexus Q . Argues that Google has enough partners such as Samsung, ASUS and HTC, to produce and deliver to market similar devices.


Google is preparing a smart clock and game console

It is possible that Google has decided to expand its ecosystem with wearable electronics and home entertainment equipment. Rumors say that Google is now developed in a large number of concepts and projects that are designed to provide users an alternative to Apple TV, the same Ouya, hours from Sony and others.  also reported about a certain budget line of smartphones and tablets from the Nexus series for emerging markets. Google wants even more to popularize its mobile operating system Android, which already dominates and is steadily growing against the background of iOS, Windows Phone and others. In the context of smart glasses, Google Glass can be said that the company is now poised to bring to market innovations and interesting things.



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