Google Digital Wellbeing lets you receive alerts if you use your phone while walking

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Digital Wellbeing or Digital Wellbeing is the app with which Google intends to improve our health when it comes to using a phone. It has functions that allow us to know how much and what we use our device for, all in order to make us realize where we are wasting our time. Now to this list of functions, a new one is added, to notify us if we use the phone when we are walking.

The new feature is called “Look Ahead.” It is a completely optional function that joins several Google and Android APIs, such as detecting what we are doing, to know if we are walking, by car, or by bike. This, together with the detection of whether the phone is in use (which is how Digital Wellbeing can quantify how much we use our phone) allows us to detect if we are using our phone on the sidewalk.

Once Digital Wellbeing detects it, we will receive a notification on our phone that alerts us. We have used it and from time to time the phone will show us a notification indicating that Digital Wellbeing is accessing our activity, that is, the information about what we do.


In order for “Look ahead” to work, we will have to grant the activity access permission and, optionally, the location permission.

How to activate “Look ahead” of Digital Wellbeing.

Time required: 1 minute.

If you want to activate this function you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. Open the Android settings.

    Access your phone’s settings menu.

  2. Click on “Digital well-being and parental control”

    In the list of options, you will find “Digital well-being and parental control”. This depends on the manufacturer of your phone and how they have incorporated this feature.

  3. Activate “Look ahead”.

    You can find at the bottom the option “Look ahead”. To activate it you will only have to enter it and activate the “switch” or switch.

  4. Clever!

    Try walking with the screen on to see what happens (Or better, avoid doing it)