The Google Camera Apk was developed by Google LLC specifically for taking photographs. Many years ago, when artists painted their favorite subjects or made money doing so, the trend began. They painted, then photographed them to keep the memories alive for many years to come.

At present, however, we reside in a more developed world where we can easily snap a photo on our phones or digital cameras and store it in our local files or on a cloud service. The role that pictures play in our minds and hearts as mementos, however, has remained constant.

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Best mobile photography application in the world.

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Almost everyone in the world has a camera, making it their automatic legacy for maximizing their enjoyment of life. But did you know that the quality of your photos can vary, depending on the camera software you employ? Have you heard of something more potent than a camera’s lens or its megapixel count? If not, you should look into it because it will blow your mind. To a smartphone, the software is as crucial as the hardware itself.

If you’re a photography enthusiast who wants to take better photos with your Android phone, you’ll need a unique app called Google Cam. Because it has nearly all the functions you could want in a camera app, it has been proven to be the best camera software for Android devices. It can be used to create high-quality HDR+ photos in a wide range of formats, including the ones with the most detail and color. Furthermore, with a few tweaks, it can help you record high-end color or image displays.

Unique camera settings

A 64MP camera won’t help if you’re still using your phone’s default camera app; you need to upgrade to GCam. GCam has the best camera quality and a wide variety of useful camera modes like Portrait, Night Sight, Panorama, PhotoSphere, Photo Booth, and more.

To complement its image modes, GCam includes a number of useful video features. Further, the Gcam Optical Video stabilization tool provides you with a quick solution to the problem of shaky videos captured with the GCam. Additionally, if you want to use Google Camera to make animated videos, such as Time Lapse, Slow Motion, or Motion Blur videos. Wow, that’s a lot of work, all right!!!

Unique camera settings

Excellent compatibility

The Google Camera app for Android is superior to other great but pointless camera apps. Includes a color corrector, a color stamping tool, an HDR enhancement tool, and much more, all of which are of high quality. The Google Camera app is great, but there’s one catch: it’s only compatible with Google’s own Pixel and Nexus smartphones. While some versions may be vulnerable to attack, most devices cannot be detected or cracked even when using the most sophisticated of tools.

For this reason, we’ve brought you the Google Camera MOD APK, a tweaked take on the stock GCam app that may help you out in a pinch. Therefore, we developed this app to assist all Android users who wish to use Google Camera on smartphones not manufactured by Google, and who do so with full support and no crashes. You can get it by clicking the green release button down below; do so immediately.

Capture your scenes using HDR+’s enhanced

The Google Camera MOD APK offers the same high-definition (HD) plus photo-taking capabilities as the stock GCam app. It’s the same Google Camera app you know and love, now with a few extra bells and whistles and compatibility with virtually every Android device. Here, then, is intelligent camera software that will shield your Android camera while also providing full support for HDR. You can easily check the quality of your official camera’s photos against those taken with GCam APK and vice versa. It’s no secret that the GCm MOD APK is optimized for triumph.

Take photos without getting stale

The Google Camera MOD APK includes some obscure Android texts that prevent ads from being displayed while taking pictures or recording video. In addition, you can take pictures quickly and easily without experiencing any stuttering or delays. Preparing HDR + videos may take longer, but trust me when I say that the wait will be well worth it because GCam HDR videos are far superior to those shot with the default camera.

Take photos without getting stale Take photos without getting stale

update to Google’s Camera.

Get the Google Camera MOD APK if you’ve ever had to deal with Google Camera freezing up due to too many interruptions and a slow process. Whether you’re shooting standard or HDR+ photos, you’ll benefit greatly from the enhanced contrast. Additionally, it works with any and all Android gadgets. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Samsung or a Gionee smartphone.

Video Stabilization Through Optical Means

The Google Camera MOD APK’s Optical Video Stabilization is the mod’s crowning achievement for me. Time passes or fast-forward videos are very popular, and many of us enjoy making them, especially for Vlogs and long trips. However, outdated videos frequently cause them to malfunction or even crash. We can fix this problem with a Google Camera MOD APK, which has a built-in visual video stabilizer and can smooth out videos in a matter of seconds.

Video Stabilization Through Optical Means

Google Photos and Cloud Storage Compatibility

This is a great feature of the Google Camera MOD APK because everyone these days uses cloud storage instead of their phone’s internal memory or an external memory card. An APK for Google Camera enables you to take photos that are automatically saved to your Google Photos archive. This means that the captured files will be safe even if the original data is lost!!!

Download Google Camera unlocker for OnePlus 9R


  • Magisk V25
  • OxygenOS 11 or 12, or Custom ROMs


  • Enables 48MP RAW10 capture support on GCam, both on Main (8/8T/9R) and Ultra Wide (8 Pro).
  • Adds Multi Frame Noise Reduction support for the Macro/Monochrome (8/8T) and Ultra Wide (8 Pro).
  • Adds support for Long Exposure capture in an Open Camera (up to 5s).
  • Allows access to the auxiliary cameras independently of the OOS version or GCam package used.\

Download Links:

  • Camera Mod & Config & Noise Module: Download
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How to Install:

  • Install-Module in Magisk
  • Move config and Noise module to the ‘GCam/Configs8’ Folder
  • Run the Gcam app, double click Near Shutter Area, Load Custom config
  • Restart gcam app, done


  • currently, work only with Arnova’s GCam 8.1.


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